February 21, 2018

YouTube searches are now on Google Trends

Remember that day when you first discovered YouTube, and you wasted approximately 100 percent of your working hours just clicking around? Now, Google's making it even easier to see what was popular back then, all the way back to 2008. Starting now, YouTube searches are surfacing on Google Trends, and some of the top memes are crafting some … [Read more...]

Hotel Trends of 2012

We saw a redefinition of what it meant to be a hotel in many ways this year. From hotels for pets only to luxury day-use establishments, 2012 brought us a ton of new trends. Fodor's Travel News … [Read more...]

VEF: The Latest Trends in Angel Investing with Angel of the Year Boris Wertz (W Media Ventures)

Angel capital is a critical source of funding for early stage technology businesses. Our panel of angel experts will discuss some of the key elements they look for in prospective companies, the best way to pitch ideas to potential investors, and share some of their recent experiences in investing in start-ups. There will be ample time for questions … [Read more...]

The European ITS Action Plan and technological trends to build an integrated transportation system

Abstract: In 2010 the European Commission has launched the 'European ITS Action Plan' to encourage the harmonized implementation of ITS in the road transportation system across the EU Member States. This action plan addresses 6 areas with in all 24 specific measures where member states of the European Union are legally binded to install cross … [Read more...]