February 17, 2018

More tears from Briker at Queen of the North trial

  One of the only two people on the bridge of the doomed "Queen of the North" when it sank is spending another day on the witness stand. Karen Briker broke into tears minutes into defence questions about her feelings of guilt, after the 2006 crash and sinking of the ferry. Wiping away tears, she testified she'd never been trained to … [Read more...]

Briker testifies at Queen of the North trial

  B-C Supreme Court is hearing from one of the two people alone on the bridge the night the Queen of the North ferry sank in March of 2006, killing two people. Karen Briker, the Quartermaster that night, says she was alone on the bridge with Fourth Officer Karl Lilgert, who was accused of criminal negligence causing the deaths of two … [Read more...]

Trial gets underway Monday for realtor accused in gang-related kidnapping

The trial of a North Vancouver realtor accused of taking part in a gang-related kidnapping is set to start Monday in Vancouver. Nazfar Mirhadi was one of seven people arrested in October 2011 involving the abduction of a twenty-nine-year-old man from a restaurant in Downtown Vancouver. Sulaiman Safi was later rescued by police in Richmond. At the … [Read more...]

More testimony at Queen of the North trial

A trial into the fatal sinking of the Queen of the North ferry in 2006 has resumed with testimony from a crew member on board that night. Tyrell Derry, engine room assistant, tells the court he awoke in his cabin the night of March 22nd, 2006 to a room full of water. He tells about how he helps people get into lifeboats, hearing other crew members … [Read more...]

Stanley Cup Riot trial update

An RCMP interrogation video entered as evidence at the trial of accused Stanley Cup rioter Spencer Kirkwood shows he appeared remorseful, but insisted didn't remember taking part in the riot. An RCMP interrogator's interview video taped with Kirkwood has now been entered as evidence at his trial. In it, Kirkwood tells the interrogator he doesn't … [Read more...]

Riot trial underway

Spencer Kirkwood claims he doesn't remember what happened after 7:30 the evening of June 15th when he and other guests at a party in Yaletown witnessed smoke from a fire set during the riot. He admits he'd been drinking heavily and doesn't recall smashing the windows of the Telus store in the 700 block of Seymour with a barricade around 930pm. Two … [Read more...]

Trial begins for another accused Stanley Cup rioter

The case against another accused Stanley Cup rioter goes to trial Monday in Vancouver.  Spencer Kirkwood was one of the first twenty-five people charged after chaos erupted in Downtown Vancouver causing up to four million dollars worth of damage. The twenty-six-year old from Vancouver has been charged with one count each of mischief and … [Read more...]

New trial ordered in Chelsey Acorn murder

Just days after his father was convicted of murder in the killing of 14 year old Chelsey Acorn, Dustin Blue Robert Moir has been granted a new trial, and his conviction overturned. BC Court of Appeal has ruled the original trial judge made mistakes while instructing the jury on two different witnesses. A new trial has been ordered. Moir has been … [Read more...]

Dramatic audio evidence at Queen of the North trial

The jury at the trial of a former B-C Ferries worker accused of causing the deaths of two people has now heard anxious audio evidence of the Queen of the North running aground nearly seven years ago Radio calls recorded the eveving of March 21st, 2006 and into the early morning hours of the following day started with routine chatter between crew … [Read more...]

Queen of the North trial update

The latest witness at the trial of a former BC ferry worker accused of causing the deaths of two people says numerous changes have been made since the 2006 sinking of the Queen of the North vessel. Rory Green is a deck hand and junior officer who worked on the doomed ship. He says the rules followed in March of 2006 were much more grey than they … [Read more...]