February 22, 2018

Fighting Walrus Radio turns your iPad or iPhone into a UAV controller (video)

So, here's a situation: you'd love to your iPhone or iPad to control your UAV collection, and you're pretty obsessed with collecting as many of these UAVs as possible. Aside from undoubtedly landing yourself on an FBI watch list, you'll probably also be interested in helping the folks at Fighting Walrus Radio turn their dreams into reality. In a … [Read more...]

Kinnaman Turns Villain For “Child 44”

Joel Kinnaman (AMC's "The Killing") is in negotiations to star in the upcoming Soviet-era Russia-set thriller "Child 44". The story follows a member of the Soviet police (Tom Hardy) who, while investigating a series of child murders, finds himself the target of his own government’s suspicions. Kinnaman would play Hardy’s ambitious and murderous … [Read more...]

Tom Hardy Turns Grunt For “Samarkand”

Tom Hardy is set to play a soldier in the drama "Samarkand" for Solar Pictures. Hardy plays an SAS veteran returning from the Middle East who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder as he tries to reintegrate into society. Photographer Greg Williams will make his feature directorial debut on the project, he and his brother Olly Williams wrote … [Read more...]

James Franco Turns Stylist In “Beautiful”

James Franco will star in and direct the biopic "Beautiful People" at Jane and Sheppard Productions and LBI Entertainment. The story follows charismatic playboy and visionary Jay Sebring, a jet-setting hairstylist to the stars and men's grooming pioneer in the 1960s. He also shared a romantic relationship with actress Sharon Tate. Both Tate … [Read more...]

David Suzuki turns down invite to run for the BC Green party

As the BC Green party hunts for high profile candidates for the next provincial election, they have scratched the name of one famous environmentalist. Leader Jane Sterk admits they have approached David Suzuki to run for the party but he said thanks but no thanks. However Sterk says Suzuki will be helping the party out, in a way, when it is time … [Read more...]

Warner Turns “True Skin” Short Into Film

Warner Bros. Pictures and producer David Heyman's Heyday Films have scored the feature film rights to Stephan Zlotescu's sci-fi short film turned viral sensation "True Skin" says Heat Vision. Zlotescu was an FX genius who has worked on countless music videos and pulled together this near-future set short about a time when people are augmenting … [Read more...]

BREAKING: Twists and turns for BC Conservative Party

A looming "high noon" showdown has become a game of "wait and see" for the embattled BC Conservative Party. Leader John Cummins told dissidents within the party to either get on board, or get lost, by noon today. But the latest word is the party will now wait and see what some of the so-called dissidents plan to say at their four o clock news … [Read more...]

‘Gangsters’ with gun on SkyTrain turns out to be dodgeball team in dress-up

A bit of an embarrassing situation on the Canada Line this week for ten young men. Transit police say they got a call about a group of young men dressed as gangsters boarding at Yaletown Station Tuesday afternoon, with one man tucking a handgun into his pants. Officers stopped the train, boarded and demanded everyone to put their hands on their … [Read more...]

Costner Turns Coach For “McFarland”

Kevin Costner is in talks to star in the lead role in Niki Caro's 1980's-set $ 17 million sports drama "McFarland" at Disney Pictures says the trades. Set in a predominantly Latino small town outside Bakersfield, the true life story follows a coach who created a high school track team that overcame many social and physical hurdles to become … [Read more...]

DVBIA feels scorned over bike lane turns

The Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association says their concerns were shoved aside as the city made bike lanes permanent. Executive Director Charles Gauthier says Council ignored advice they paid to get, "Last year the consultants were hired to do an economic impact study and they did caution Council that if mitigation strategies … [Read more...]