February 21, 2018

Dix nixes HST ever returning under an NDP goverment

The leader of the BC NDP says even down the line he wouldn't consider reintroducing the HST. With the scrapping of the HST today Adrian Dix took his chance to remind voters about the circumstances of its implementation. "Certainly from the beginning... from the election campaign, onto the Premier Clark's tax-payer funded campaign in favour of the … [Read more...]

BC’s drunk driving laws under the microscope

British Columbia's drinking and driving laws will once again be under the microscope starting tomorrow as the B.C. Court of Appeal begins hearing arguments on whether the laws are constitutional. The B.C. Civil Liberties Association is an intervener in the case. Raji Mangat with the BCCLA says the association will be arguing that the laws are … [Read more...]

Minister of Citizen Services says communications staff under the microscope following ethnic voting strategy leak

The Minister of Citizens' Services and Open Government is condemning the quick wins ethnic voting strategy his own government cooked up. Government Communications falls in Ben Stewart's ministerial responsibilities and he says the strategy is absolutely inappropriate. Stewart was asked if he will take a hard look at the communications staff and if … [Read more...]

Pacific Carbon Trust under government review

After years of complaints, the B.C. government has agreed to review pricing used to levy fees against the public sector for carbon off-sets. Environment Minister Terry Lake now admits changes may be needed to ensure the public sector is getting bang for its buck. "We've shown leadership by having a carbon neutral public sector, but we want to make … [Read more...]

BCTF and BCPSEA bargaining process under construction

The BC Teachers Federation and the BC Public School Employers Association say they are working on a new deal to change the bargaining process.  Neither group would go on the record with details other than to confirm each will take the framework to their members next weekend for a vote.  Meanwhile BCTF President Susan Lambert says she is … [Read more...]

BC Attorney General: high risk offender under extraordinary measures

Attorney-General Shirley Bond says authorities are taking extraordinary measures to keep an eye on a high-risk violent offender recently released from jail. Bond says privacy law limits what she can say about the case of 23-year-old Kayla Bourque, but the government is taking this case seriously.     "I can tell you that I have … [Read more...]

Half of unionized workers heading into holiday under new contracts

The Province is calling it a milestone.  Half of unionized public sector workers are heading into the holiday season with new contracts. They say another quarter have reached tentative agreements, or ratified settlements. Finance Minister Mike De Jong says while all of the agreements include modest wage increases, there is no new money for … [Read more...]

Transit cop under investigation

A Transit police Sergeant is under investigation after an incident in a New Westminster bar.   Transit police spokesperson Anne Drennan says the alleged bar fight happened September 12th while the Sergeant was on paid medical leave funded by his union. Drennan says New Westminster police are heading up the investigation. "Following … [Read more...]

King’s “Under The Dome” Enshrouds CBS

CBS has ordered a straight-to-series adaptation of Stephen King's 2009 best-seller "Under the Dome" which will premiere Summer 2013. The story revolves around the drama that unfolds after an invisible force field suddenly descends on a small vacation town in Maine. As the locals fight for their survival, the town descends into warring factions … [Read more...]

Early morning fire in Richmond under investigation

An investigation is underway in Richmond following an early morning fire at a two-storey home near No. 5 Road and Cambie. Battalion Chief Richard Barnes says the fire took hours to extinguish. "The call came in at four in the morning. We wrapped up -- I mean, it's a lengthy process with spot fires -- but we wrapped up at about 10 o'clock." Four … [Read more...]