February 20, 2018

Settlement finally paid in Canada Line foreign workers case: union

A B.C. trades union is expected to announce tomorrow details of a settlement that has finally been paid in a human rights case involving temporary foreign workers who helped build the Canada Line. The b-c human rights tribunal ruled back in 2008 that SELI Canada and SNC Lavalin discriminated against Latin American workers toiling on the Skytrain … [Read more...]

Union Gospel Mission serves Easter meal to thousands

The Union Gospel Mission expects to serve more than 3,000 meals today - as part of its annual Easter celebration in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. 3,000 pounds of ham, 900 pounds of potatoes and a whole lot of apple pie are just a few of the items on the menu. Tony Chisholn is a graduate from the UGM re-habilitation progam. "Well I've been here for … [Read more...]

Nurses union complains about working conditions

Nurses are leaving BC's Childrens and Women's hospitals in droves according to the union.  BC Nurses Union President Deb McPherson says a number of concerns expressed for years by nurses at the hospitals are being ignored. "We decided that maybe we needed to shine a little spotlight on what used to be the beacon of good employer relations in … [Read more...]

BCNU union friction

Despite several raids on other unions and criticism from labour leaders, the president of the BC nurses union says she is a team player.  Deb Mcpherson says she takes issue with accusation the BCNU is 'cozy with the province, "The BC nurses union is a non-partisan organization and we work with which ever government is in place. We also … [Read more...]

Coast Guard union claims bully politics at play in Ottawa

The Coast Guard union is accusing the federal government of rooting out, and getting rid of, any opposition to the closure of Kitsilano Coast Guard base.  Union leader Dave Clark says a memo from Coast Guard Commissioner Marc Gregoire shows what lengths the feds went to, to close Kits base. Clark says Western Region Assistant Commissioner … [Read more...]

“State of the Union” Remake Planned

Identity Films and Flat Penny Films are developing a new film adaptation of the Pulitzer Prize-winning 1945 political drama play "State of the Union". Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse penned the original stage show which was previously adapted by filmmaker Frank Capra into a 1948 feature starring Spencer Tracy, Katharine Hepburn and Angela … [Read more...]

Hospital Employees Union warns of big backlogs in medical transcriptions

The Hospital Employees Union is warning of a serious backlog in medical transcription services that could impact patients. HEU spokesperson Bonnie Pearson says almost 17-thousand patient reports are just waiting to be transcribed in Vancouver and Richmond hospitals. Pearson says the delay could have a serious impact for patients in the … [Read more...]

Teachers Union and Employer move to address fractured bargaining process

The BC Teachers Federation and the BC Public School Employers Association have reached a tentative agreement to address an often messy, and protracted bargaining process. CKNW has obtained details of the deal which would see both sides split the cost of a facilitator, who would help the two groups find common ground on each bargaining issue. If the … [Read more...]

Union Gospel Christmas dinner gives sense of community

The Union Gospel Mission is serving up its 72nd annual Christmas dinner to Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Glenn Golding graduated from a UGM rehab program after struggling with addiction, and says events like these could help others in a tough spot. "It’s all about hope, right? When you have hope given back to you there's an … [Read more...]

90% issues clear message from union members

BC's Health Science Association members have backed their bargaining committee by voting 90% in favour of a strike. Union President Reid Johnson says the resounding vote will send a clear message to BC's health employers that it's time to negotiate a fair and reasonable agreement. Johnson says the Government and Health Authorities have not … [Read more...]