February 20, 2018

Labour unions turn to the internet to fund legal battle with HD Mining

Labour unions challenging the Temporary Foreign Workers' permit issued to HD Mining have turned to the internet to fund its legal battle. The unions involved say the legal battle has now cost over $ 200,000 to date. The website - labourspeaksout.com - allows people, who want to help pay for the legal costs, to donate online. The unions have forced … [Read more...]

Unions: resumes show HD Mining rejected qualified Canadian workers

BC Building Trades unions say resumes released through a federal court order show highly qualified and experienced Canadian miners were rejected by HD mining for work in BC coal mines. The unions say the resumes show there were workers who had as much as 30 years of mining experience, and who had managed major mines in Canada. HD Mining obtained a … [Read more...]

HD mining loses human rights complaint against unions

Now that the Canadian Human Rights Commission has tossed out a complaint from a Chinese miner hired to work in Northern BC, local union leaders continue their fight to find out why jobs at the new mine in Tumbler Ridge were not offered to Canadians. "Maybe they should file a complaint on the federal and provincial government." Steve Hunt with the … [Read more...]

Unions win another battle in Temporary Foreign Worker fight

Trades unions say they have won another court battle in their efforts to get documents from HD Mining in the Temporary Foreign Worker Controversy.  Union lawyer Charles Gordon says a judge has told Human Resources Minister Diane Finley she has the power to compel HD Mining to release the documents. "So the documents that we are talking about … [Read more...]

Unions taking Federal Minister to court

Unions are heading back to court over claims HD Mining is refusing to follow a judge's order to turn over documents relating to the hiring of temporary foreign workers. And unions say Federal Human Resouces Minister Diane Finley isn't even aware of what's going on in the case involving a new mine in northern BC. BC federation of labour … [Read more...]

BCTF object to Federal bill forcing unions to disclose spending and finances

The BC Teachers' Federation is voicing their objection to legislation passed by the Federal Government Wednesday forcing unions to make spending and finances public. President Susan Lambert calls Bill C-377 an unwarranted intrusion into the privacy of BCTF members. "BCTF runs its own salary indemnity plan for members who find themselves unable to … [Read more...]

Judge sides with unions in Chinese miners dispute

Unions fighting the company who hired Chinese miners to work a northern BC mine have cleared another hurdle.  The court has ruled that HD Mining will have to hand over all documents submitted to the government with their applications to hire foreign workers for their Tumbler Ridge mine. The judge said they must also give the unions access to … [Read more...]

Mulcair: Unions don’t influence my party

After speaking to the BC Federation of Labour Convention in Vancouver the leader of the Federal NDP says unions have no influence on his party.  Thomas Mulcair says his party is working for better wages and work place conditions, both things he says are good for everybody.  Mulcair says he works with labour, banks, and oil companies and … [Read more...]

Unions calls Dehua’s move to close a BC mining project intimidation tactic

The two unions trying to block the arrival of two hundred Chinese miners hired to work in a new underground coal mine in Northern BC aren’t buying the reasons from Dehua International Mines Group over why they’re winding down work at the Wapiti River Coal Project. They say shutting down the project is an attempt to intimidate the … [Read more...]

HD Mining to appeal Federal Court ruling in favour of Canadian unions

A Federal Court ruling in favour of two unions fighting the arrival of Chinese miners in BC will be appealed by the company that hired the foreigners. HD Mining claims Human Resources Minister Diane Finley shouldn't have voiced her concerns about the Temporary Foreign Worker Program after legal action was filed earlier this month. Thursday, Justice … [Read more...]