January 21, 2018

Mayors frustrated over Province putting off transit decisions until May

Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts says she's frustrated that any decisions on transit expansion in the Lower Mainland is going to have to wait until after May’s Provincial Election. Transportation Minister Mary Polak has said just that, as have other mayors already. But watts appears okay to wait, reiterating that the first thing to be done after May … [Read more...]

No big transit decisions until election is over

Transportation Minister Mary Polak has made it clear that she and Metro Vancouver mayors will not make any decisions on transit expansion before May's election. Deadlines have sailed by after months and months of talks between Polak and the mayor's trying to agree on project priorities, as well as how to pay for them. Some  mayor's blame the … [Read more...]

Jones Not Back For “2.5 Men” Until 2013

"Two And A Half Men" co-star Angus T. Jones has issued a statement following the hoopla surrounding the recent Forerunner Christian Church video testimonial he gave. The statement itself is a fairly standard apology to anyone who might have been offended, especially his fellow cast and crew members who've worked with him over the years. Various … [Read more...]

Surrey Memorial E-R closed until sometime next week

The Emergency Room at Surrey Memorial Hospital will remain closed until at least next week due to flood damage. Roy Thorpe-Dorwood says with the E-R being the busiest in BC,  it means hundreds of patients a day being offloaded to nearby hospitals, some of which are already reporting a high workload. "Absolutely..we have had reports for RCH and … [Read more...]

Pickton inquiry on hold until First Nations lawyer replaced

VANCOUVER - The public inquiry into the Robert Pickton case has been put on hold until April 2 while the commission searches out a lawyer to represent First Nations. The independent lawyer appointed to represent aboriginal interests resigned last week, and commission Wally Oppal says he doesn't want the hearing to proceed until a replacement is … [Read more...]

No riot charges coming until October, police say

Business owners of the stores affected by the June 15 riot are busy working on victim impact statements ahead of criminal charges. Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association (DVBIA) executive director Charles Gauthier and its members were briefed on the ongoing police investigations into the riot Thursday. Although told charges won’t be … [Read more...]