February 25, 2018

Forfeited vehicles to be used to steer youth away from gang lifestyle

BC's civil forfeiture program is releasing two vehicles formerly used by gangs and in the drug-trade -- for community use. Vehicles once involved in gang related lifestyles will now be used specifically to fight the kind of dirty work they used to do. Sergeant Lindsey Houghton - with the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit. "In this case we're … [Read more...]

Is oil pipeline battle being used to buff up election war chests?

Real concern, or pipeline politics?  The war over Enbridge's Northern Gateway project is enterting a new battle, with the Liberals now accusing the NDP of using the debate, as a way to fund the party's campaign budget.  Party fundraising letters are nothing new, but a few eyebrows are being raised over an Enbridge-themed e-mail from the … [Read more...]

The Fraser Health Authority is disputing C-Difficile stats used by Burnaby doctors.

The Fraser Health Authority says a claim by Burnaby hospital doctors that C-Difficile bacteria is responsible for 84 patient deaths over the past 2 1/2 years is wrong.  Fraser Health VP of Medicine Dr. Andrew Webb says its difficult to say whether C-Difficile caused a patient's death.  But in 2010-2011, that bacteria was a contributing … [Read more...]

“The Avengers” Used iPhone 4 For Filming

"The Avengers" director of photography Seamus McGarvey has made the surprising admission that Joss Whedon's upcoming superhero team-up project used some unconventional shooting techniques. Specifically several shots of the big-budget tentpole were done with the iPhone 4, in fact some them actually made it into the recent teaser trailer. "The … [Read more...]

Body found in B.C. home used as warehouse

VANCOUVER - Fire crews have found a body in a Vancouver home that was so packed with clutter they couldn't get safely inside to put out the flames.The home caught fire early Sunday, and crews rushed to extinguish the blaze but could only pour water on it from the outside.When they were finally able to use heavy equipment to dismantle the home and … [Read more...]

Thousands of dollars worth of gear used by volunteer search and rescue personnel stolen

Volunteer search and rescue personnel in Steveston are without thousands of dollars worth of gear after a break-in at a storage trailer earlier this week. Kevin Robertson says equipment belonging to the Coast Guard Auxiliary was snatched, totalling in the range of $ 3,000. "They broke in, and they took a bunch of electronics, radio, G-P-S units, … [Read more...]