December 16, 2017

DoJ now in favor of using search warrants to access user email

The United States Justice Department seems to be listening to cries from Google (among others) that the 1986 ECPA (Electronic Communications Privacy Act) should be revised to reflect the vastly different universe that we now live in. DoJ attorney Elana Tyrangiel testified before the US House Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland … [Read more...]

Police now using Bait Program for more than just cars

The Bait Car Program now includes more than cars Justice Minister Shirley Bond, police and ICBC have announced that bait property will now be places in Bait Cars. Bond says, "this year's auto crime enforcement month will focus on theft from vehicles. IMPACT and other police agencies throughout the province have committed to protecting valuables and … [Read more...]

NDP accuses BC Liberals of using taxpayer cash to boost re-election hopes

The BC Liberals are promoting themselves under the guise of advertising government works. That's the claim from NDP finance critic Bruce Ralston. "Two of our BC New Democrat MLAs were up at the Liberal convention and they were handing out some BC Liberal stuff there that looks very much like some of the public advertising for the jobs plan, so it's … [Read more...]

More using Transit

People in Metro Vancouver are making more trips in a day and are more often choosing transit and cycling to get around. The results are from the "trip diary survey" which draws data from over 22-thousand households. The survey's done every three to four years to get a 'snapshot' of a day of Metro Vancouver transportation. Translink's Drew Snider … [Read more...]

BC stops using influenza vaccine

The British Columbia Centre for Disease Control is halting use of an influenza vaccine after Health Canada recommended suspending the product. Health officials say pulling the Novartis vaccine is purely precautionary. They say those who have already received the shots don't have to worry.  There have been no adverse affects reported. The … [Read more...]

Nikon WU-1a wireless mobile adapter for D3200 review: using Android as a remote trigger / wireless display

In the world of DSLR shooting, you can certainly catch one's attention by mentioning one of two things: a wireless display, or a remote trigger setup. Neither of these are exactly fresh concepts, but Nikon has chosen a curious beast to highlight one of its most promising accessories to date. The $ 60 WU-1a Wireless Mobile Adapter primarily allows … [Read more...]

Local company finds way of creating greenhouse fertilizer using carbon capture technology

It is a made-in-BC first, as a local company has created a way for greenhouse fertilizer to be created using carbon capture technology. Co-founder Victor Krahn says they burn wood used to heat greenhouses, and then funnel gases from sequestered carbon through water-based solvent. "So then the gas continues to the atmosphere without any CO2 in it at … [Read more...]

Teens under 18 will soon be prohibited from using tanning beds

Teenagers will soon be barred from using tanning beds in British Columbia. Provincial legislation aimed at protecting young people from harmful ultra-violet rays will be introduced this fall. Health Minister Mike De Jong announced details during a news conference in Vancouver this morning. Minister De Jong says anyone under 18 will not be given … [Read more...]

Consider using cash instead of a credit card in Belize

Hotels, restaurants, shops, and tour operators in Belize sometimes levy a surcharge for credit card use, usually 5%, but fees can range from 2% to 10%. Fodor's Travel News … [Read more...]

Vancouver Island RCMP say drug dealers are using Ferries to carry drugs from the mainland.

Nanaimo RCMP say some drug dealers are using BC Ferries to run their illicit cargo back and forth and they have proof.   Constable Gary O'Brien says last night they arrested a 23 year old Nanaimo man who was a walk on getting off in Departure Bay with about a kilo of cocaine.     O'Brien says "That is a significant amount that will … [Read more...]