February 25, 2018

Violent crime down in Vancouver

According to a report compiled by the Vancouver Police Department, violent crime has dropped in the city for the sixth year running. In 2012, violent crime affected 9.58 out of a thousand people. That's a 6.9 percent drop from 2011. Since a high of 12.13 in 2006, the violent crime rate has dropped 16.6 percent since 2008. During that period, … [Read more...]

Violent outburst on Skytrain

A 31 year old man is facing a long string of charges after a bizarre and violent outburst on Skytrain. It happened when the trains were full Sunday, right after the BC Lions game. The man pushed his way onto a full train at Main Street station, started yelling at the passengers, and then head-butted one of those passengers, knocking the victim to … [Read more...]

Christian Bale Adopts A Violent “Creed”

Christian Bale is in early negotiations to star in Todd Field's "The Creed of Violence" at Universal and Cross Creek Pictures says Variety. An adaptation of Boston Teran's acclaimed novel, the story depicts the 1910 Mexican revolution through the eyes of a small-time assassin named Rawbone, and a young Bureau of Investigation agent called John … [Read more...]

Sex magazine’s editor says man seen in violent cage photos not a Mountie

The editor of Erotica Vancouver magazine says a Coquitlam Mountie at the centre of a sex photo scandal is not the same man seen in violent, torture pictures released Thursday. "When i first saw the pictures, i thought to myself...wow, its uncanny the resemblence Corporal [Jim] Brown has to someone i know," says Reive Doig. And sure enough, Doig … [Read more...]

Police looking for violent offender

Mounties are looking for a 33-year-old man wanted on a Canada-wide warrant. Robert James Williams is believed to be in Richmond. Police says he's unlawfully at large on a eight-year sentence for manslaughter and has a lengthy and violent rap sheet. He is white, brown hair, green eyes, and tattoos on his neck and forearms. He was last seen wearing a … [Read more...]

Violent jewellery thief may go free

A career criminal, with a long history of victimizing seniors, is back behind bars but maybe not for long. Even though Tracey Lloyd Caza violated his conditions of release, he could be free again in less than two months. In May, the jewellery thief, with a record dating back to 1977, moved into a Vancouver halfway house. At the … [Read more...]