February 21, 2018

NDP leader has plan to get young people voting

NDP leader Adrian Dix has a new idea to get more young people voting. He says he plans to table a bill on Monday to allow teens to register to vote at a younger age. He says the voting age of 18 would stay the same, but kids could start simply registering to cast a ballot starting at 16 years old. "Just a practical change that will ensure young … [Read more...]

Minister of Citizen Services says communications staff under the microscope following ethnic voting strategy leak

The Minister of Citizens' Services and Open Government is condemning the quick wins ethnic voting strategy his own government cooked up. Government Communications falls in Ben Stewart's ministerial responsibilities and he says the strategy is absolutely inappropriate. Stewart was asked if he will take a hard look at the communications staff and if … [Read more...]

Last day of BC Liberals’ convention sees talk about unions, compulsory voting

The BC Liberals' convention wrapped up in Whistler today. Delegates turned their sights on unions today. They easily passed motions calling for disclosure of union finances and to prohibit public sector unions from spending union dues on any political purposes. But a motion that called for allowing teachers to opt out of the BC Teachers' … [Read more...]

BC to consider internet-based voting

Will a trip to the voting booth be replaced by a click of the mouse in the future? BC's Attorney-General has asked the Chief Electoral Officer to form an independent panel to look at the possibility of internet-based voting. Shirley Bond says if the panel determines internet voting can be done with the utmost integrity, it could lead to increased … [Read more...]

More drama today at Kwantlen after voting out KSA directors.

A day after a unanimous vote to oust the directors on their student association there was more drama on the Kwantlen campus today.  Jeff Groat with the student newspaper The Runner says it started with the ousted ex-directors showing up.   He says "So Nina Sandhu, Bobby Padda, Jaspinder Ghuman, Nipun Pandey, Tarun Takhar were all waiting … [Read more...]

BC’s Chief Electoral officer wants to test online voting.

BC's Chief Electoral Officer says it's time to experiment with online voting, even though the technology is not yet perfect.  In a report to the legislature, Doctor Keith Archer asks for a change to the elections act to allow pilot projects using online voting such as in a byelection.  But  Archer says the technology must be … [Read more...]

Advance voting numbers are up in Vancouver.

Advance voting in Vancouver skyrocketed this year compared to the 2008 municipal election.  Chief Election officer Janice Mackenzie says they opened up advance polls for eight days instead of four bringing in thousands more voters.  Mackenzie says almost 19,500 advance votes were cast this year.  She says in the 2008 civic campaign … [Read more...]

Elections BC says HST voting process has gone well

8/5/2011 Elections BC says the HST voting process that comes to an end this afternoon has gone "remarkably well". Assistant Chief Electoral Officer Anton Boegman says there have only ... Vancouver News latest RSS headlines - Big News Network.com … [Read more...]