February 22, 2018

Car plunges into water at Gabriola ferry terminal

RCMP divers have been called in after a car plunged into the water early this morning at the Gabriola Island ferry terminal. BC Ferries CEO Mike Corrigan says a car rammed through a six-foot steel gate at the terminal, landed on the deck of the MV Quinsam, hit the water, and sank. “We have a night watchman there who was actually in a building … [Read more...]

Abbotsford looks at tapping the Fraser for water

The City of Abbotsford is looking to solve its long term water problems by tapping a nearby major waterway. Mayor Bruce Banman says people in the city have cut their water usage since a debate over water use began. "What really happened is, is Abbotsford is down 25-percent on peak days. Nobody would have even thought that human behaviour would have … [Read more...]

Chlorine is still being put in Chilliwack’s drinking water

It has been a week since E-Coli tests came back negative but chlorine is still being pumped into Chilliwack’s drinking water and the mayor is not happy about it. Sharon Gaetz says the people in her city want their fresh drinking water back. 

"Of course when we chlorinated the Greendale area because we are on a loop system chlorine has gone … [Read more...]

Chilliwack must chlorinate water full-time

Following weeks of arguments, Fraser Health has ordered that Chilliwack's water must be chlorinated, effectively immediately. Chilliwack residents and the mayor have been arguing for weeks that their drinking water supply does not need chlrorine. Fraser Health officials have disagreed, saying they do need a second disinfectant after e-coli was … [Read more...]

Chilliwack water e-coli free once again

The City of Chilliwack says the drinking water in the community is now free of any e-coli contamination after a positive test result yesterday.  Mayor Sharon Gaetz says re-testing results have come back. "The result is a big fat zero." But Gaetz says while the water is now fine they will still launch an investigation to determine how it tested … [Read more...]

Water Quality Advisory issued in Chilliwack

A Water Quality Advisory has been issued for some residents of Chilliwack after samples tested positive for the e-coli bacteria. The affected area is Greendale. The city's standby chlorination system has been activated, but it will take approximately 12 hours for for the disinfectant to reach the area. Residents are advised to run water  to … [Read more...]

A feisty public meeting over water chlorination in Chilliwack

The vast majority of 500 to 600 people left the meeting with the feeling that the fix is in and Fraser Health will just put chlorine in their drinking water. They think that Chief Medical Health Officer Paul Van Buynder has his mind made up. There will be no hearing from Van Buynder after he was whisked out a back door and away from … [Read more...]

A water fight in Chilliwack

The Fraser Health Authority has notified the city that it must add a secondary disinfectant to its drinking water, namely, chlorine.  Mayor Sharon Gaetz says people are concerned about possible health hazards, as well as the 1.5-million-dollar price tag. She adds the city already takes extra special care of its water, "We flush our pipes … [Read more...]

“High Water” Washes Over Zoe Saldana

Actress Zoe Saldana, along with producers Jane Startz and Aida Bernal, have optioned the film rights to Joy Castro‘s debut novel mystery thriller "Hell Or High Water". The story follows New Orleans reporter Nola Céspedes as she is dragged into the city’s post-Katrina underworld on the trail of what she thinks will be her big scoop. The trio are … [Read more...]

Water Street Dragons

SEMI-FINALS (NOV 21, 2012) Survivor meets dragons in a 7 week business pitch event in Gastown every week from Oct 24th to Dec 3, 2012. Entrepreneurs, Startups, students are all invited to pitch in front of an audience of potential investors, mentors and many others. $ 75,000 in cash and sponsor prizes are up for grabs as 100 entrants apply to … [Read more...]