January 21, 2018

Clark says she won’t resign over bungled ethnic outreach plan

Premier Christy Clark wants to set the record straight: She will not resign as a result of the botched ethnic outreach strategy. Clark was asked if she might step down if an ongoing investigation leads back to her. She says it won't.  "I've never seen the document, I had no involvement in the creation of the document so I can tell you I'm … [Read more...]

MacFarlane Won’t Host The Oscars Again

This year's Academy Awards host Seth MacFarlane says he won't come back for a second turn as MC of the annual film awards. Asked if he would host again, MacFarlane tweeted: "No way. Lotta fun to have done it, though." While pundits argue the merit of MacFarlane's hosting duties, the ceremony itself proved a winner in the ratings despite the … [Read more...]

Drivers over the Port Mann won’t have to worry about ice bombs anymore

It should be clear sailing now for motorists using the Port Mann bridge in poor winter weather now that cable sweepers have been installed that will hopefully prevent snow and ice buildup on the span's cables.   Testing of the new custom-designed sweepers is now underway. Max Logan with the Port Mann/Highway one improvement project also says … [Read more...]

VSB won’t lock school doors

  In the wake of a recent shooting rampage at a Connecticut school, Trustees in Vancouver have voted to review local security measures. Board Chair Patti Bacchus says safety is paramount, but they still want to ensure schools are a welcoming place. She says a review now underway should be completed within a couple months. Says Bacchus, … [Read more...]

Minister of Canadian Heritage won’t get involved in push to save BC film

The Federal Minister responsible for the arts says British Columbians shouldn't expect additional tax cuts for film in the upcoming budget. James Moore says he's not going to get involved in the debate between the Provincial Government and local film industry workers over saving BC film.  "We also should be mindful as well that it's not just … [Read more...]

Lindelof Won’t Return For “Prometheus 2”

Ridley Scott's sci-fi epic "Prometheus" proved one of the year's most divisive films, and now the film's scribe Damon Lindelof will not be returning for the proposed sequel. Jon Spaihts penned an earlier draft which was a direct "Alien" prequel. When "Lost" show runner Lindelof came onboard, he made major changes which turned it into the … [Read more...]

Google’s Eric Schmidt focused on growing Android’s share, admits it won’t be ‘perfectly controlled’

During a wide-ranging Bloomberg interview with Google Chairman Eric Schmidt, the executive focused for a bit on the current status of Android, while also making a few interesting comments about its future. "This is a huge platform change; this is of the scale of 20 years ago -- Microsoft versus Apple," he said. Following that, he stated that Google … [Read more...]

Auditor General: BC Transit won’t meet provincial targets

BC's Auditor-General says BC Transit is not on track to meet the provincial government's goal of doubling transit ridership by 2020. John Doyle says ridership has gone up by nearly seven million trips since 2007, but that's 27 per-cent lower than what would be needed to reach that 2020 target. He's recommending government revisit that goal. BC … [Read more...]

Vancouver mayor says new Port Mann won’t solve congestion

Vancouver’s mayor says the new Port Mann won't solve any traffic woes, ahead of the bridge’s December opening. Gregor Robertson says transit is the backbone of any strategy to move people from the city and into the farther regions of Metro Vancouver. Robertson was asked if building a bigger road or a new bridge has ever solved traffic … [Read more...]

HEU won’t talk about strike action at Biennial Convention

More than six hundred and fifty delegates are gathering this week for the Hostpial Employees' Union Biennial Convention. Bonnie Pearson with the union says decisions about what possible strike action could look like and when it could happen, if at all, are not decisions that will be made at the convention. "But I can tell you that the energy that … [Read more...]