February 25, 2018

Drivers over the Port Mann won’t have to worry about ice bombs anymore

It should be clear sailing now for motorists using the Port Mann bridge in poor winter weather now that cable sweepers have been installed that will hopefully prevent snow and ice buildup on the span's cables.   Testing of the new custom-designed sweepers is now underway. Max Logan with the Port Mann/Highway one improvement project also says … [Read more...]

Increased Transit Police presence during commute doesn’t worry riders

An increased Transit Police presence will be watching over the Skytrain line during the first morning commute since an explosive was found on Surrey tracks Friday. Transit Police Spokesperson Anne Drennan says the extra uniformed presence will carry on through the week as the investigation continues. "As well, there will be continued site sweeps, … [Read more...]

Regions worry about overall RCMP costs

  The Provincial NDP's public safety critic is warning municipalities might be on the hook for more than just RCMP pay hikes.  Kathy Corrigan says E-Ddivisions new headquarters could come with a hefty price tag, in Burnaby alone, "They are saying the costs could be well over a million dollars a year just to pay for the new E-Division … [Read more...]

Bond admits worry over RCMP contract

Saying 'fiscal containment' and 'accountability' are still unresolved issues, Solicitor General Shirley Bond admits she's worried about talks aimed at renewing the R.C.M.P.'s contract with this province.. "It's a challenging negotiation and it's made more difficult by the fact that Alberta and Saskatchewan have chosen to sign a deal with the … [Read more...]

Don’t worry about exchanging U.S. dollars in Panama

The dollar is the de facto currency; the Panamanians refer to it as the balboa, named for explorer Vasco Nuñez de Balboa who "discovered" the Pacific Ocean and claimed it for Spain. Fodor's Travel Wire … [Read more...]