January 23, 2018

4 Incredible Green Techologies That Could Save the Planet

Regardless of whether you feel that humans are having a negative impact on the planet, there is no doubt that climate change is happening. And it means that a lot is going to change in the not-too-distant future if we are all going to be happy residents of the Earth. The good news is that plenty of researchers and entrepreneurs are all looking at smart ways of saving energy and cleaning up the world. Here are four technologies that might just save humans from catastrophe.



Algae Biofuels

The biofuels we use today are incredibly expensive, although they are ideal for reducing pollution. It’s a problem that is due to the sheer complexity of the manufacturing process. However, scientists have discovered something that could be a better option – algae biofuels. Algae is easy to grow and doesn’t need any particular attention. You can grow it almost anywhere on the planet, and it doesn’t take up as much land as growing corn. In short, algae could be the answer to producing large scale volumes of fuel – although we have a long way to go just yet.

Rooftop wind power

We’ve all seen the vast array of wind turbines dotted across the country and the seas. But the truth is that wind energy is not being harnessed as much as it could be. Some scientists believe the answer could lie with rooftop wind power. They predict that setting up roof turbines on top of buildings could provide a lot of power to the household or apartments below.

Hydrogen fuel cells

Whether you turn on the news or went to Mexico’s renewable energy conference from last year, you will always hear about the need to replace fossil fuels. As everyone knows, they are dirty and damaging to the environment. But they are also running out, and a lot more finite than many people want to believe. Could the answer lie with hydrogen fuel cells? Scientists are divided as to whether the hydrogen economy will ever exist, but those in the ‘yes’ camp are confident. The idea is simple enough. Hydrogen fuel cells will store energy from exothermic reactions. But finding that clean source to extract the hydrogen is yet proving difficult. For now, hydrogen fuel cells are the stuff of sci-fi novels. But make no mistake about it, there is plenty of interest and research is trying to find a solution.

Electric cars

Cars are responsible for introducing a lot of pollution into the atmosphere. And, we have to bear in mind that many cities are reporting record levels of pollution. Could one of the biggest culprits be looking at significant changes soon? We already see fully electric cars on the roads, of course. And, we can expect to see a lot more on city roads in the coming decade.

Let us know your thoughts on these incredible green technologies that are emerging now – or will do in the future. It’s positive to hear that cleaner energy might be available to the masses at some point in the next few years.

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