February 18, 2018

Bitcoins and Digital Assets Introduced to Trading

When people talk about revolutions, there is often a reference to changes to political leaders. As well as the people that overthrow them. However, one revolution has made a bigger impact on people’s lives than any idealistic movement could ever do. There has been one revolution that has impacted everyone. From businesses and investors to people and places, technology has changed everything.

If you look back on old photos and film of the world’s stock exchanges, it looks hectic. You would have seen people on multiple phones, pad and pen in hand, frantically shouting at people. The introduction of technology has changed this chaotic floor space to something more tranquil.


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With the speed to which technology is impacting trading, it is not surprising that traders will have access to Bitcoin.

Early this month, Noble Markets got the green light from NASDAQ to use its technology to help power a Bitcoin marketplace. This platform has been devoted to the trading of digital currencies.

This new and thrilling period in trading will allow Bitcoin to be made available on 30 exchanges. As well as a number of other marketplaces worldwide. This news builds on what Bitcoin already has available through the New York Stock Exchange. It currently operates a regulated exchange that allows for the trading of the currency.

Traders looking to invest in the very latest digital trends will no doubt find this news exciting. The ability to further diverse their trading portfolio can only mean good news for investors. How long this new type of currency will last will depend on how easy it is for everyday consumers to access it.

Consumers play a huge role in this constant technological shift. Goods and services are constantly evolving, and this could raise a few concerns amongst investors as a whole. Brands can be short lived, depending on their portfolio, and this can make investors very nervous. Takeovers and mergers are more commonplace amongst technology companies. This provides instability within any possible trading.

Organisations such as Facebook, Twitter and Netflix have had a mixed time on the stock market. While the price of Facebook shares slumped during the first 12 months after being floated, they are now starting to rise again. Twitter, like Facebook, didn’t start life on the stock exchange well, but they are now starting to see real increases in the value of their shares. Netflix, although a baby compared to both Facebook and Twitter, has performed very well since floating. Netflix is providing a service which is being subscribed to more and more each day.

It is the instability that never sits well with investors, with Facebook and Twitter providing great examples of that. Investors may turn back to more traditional types of investment like gold trading to try and combat this.

However, technology also powers how investors access marketplaces. This has seen a rise in the number of do it yourself investors, accessing trading services through online channels. A number of trading organisations now offer this service to members of the public. Here they can buy and sell a number of different shares and investment products. Online trading accounts are now common place. This means that investing has never been so easy and transparent.

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