January 18, 2018

Caring For The Environment One Technology At A Time?

The environment is in a dire state, and technology is rarely seen as helping the issue. We often hear talk about how we’re using more energy than ever before, and failing to look at the issues in front of us. And, in a world where an estimated 80% of US homes have internet access, there’s no denying the truth of these issues.

But, to say that technology only causes harm would be naive. While increased energy consumption can only be bad news, there’s more to the story than that. Modern tech has changed the world in a variety of ways, and not all of them have negative environmental impact. In fact, used in the right way, technology use could help us towards the fight for a better world. It’s a different take on the issue, and one we don’t hear enough. As such, many people fail to get on board with this. But, to prove that it’s a fact, we’re going to look at just a few of the ways technology could help the environment.

Doing Away With Paper Waste

Deforestation is bad news for global warming for a variety of worrying reasons. For one, trees are the primary way we get rid of carbon dioxide. It’s no surprise, then, that cutting them down has seen this harmful chemical wreak havoc. This is one of the forerunners in creating ‘the greenhouse effect’ which is heating our planet.

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Cutting trees is also bad news because it rids crucial wildlife of its environment. Extinction of any species is bad news for the workings of the world. Each creature plays its own part in this planet. And, when we rid those species of their homes, we increase the chances of their becoming extinct.

Technology is going some way towards solving this issue by cutting down paper waste in a major way. Not so long ago, the only way to receive bills or statements was through the post. Consider how much paper went to this cause worldwide. To give you an idea, it was quite a lot! Now, though, more and more companies allow you to opt in for paperless billing. Meaning you can get those same services emailed straight to your inbox. It’s easier for everyone, and ensures no trees are harmed in the running of your household!

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Knowledge Is Key

If we want to help our environment, we need to know as much about it as possible. And, few things are better than technology when it comes to accumulating knowledge. As a result, we’re more aware of how the natural world works than ever before. We also have a much better understanding of where the problem areas lie. And, using technology, we can take steps towards improving the situation.

Technology helps conservationists across the world save both our planet and our animals. Developments like the HEC-RAS monitoring system allow us to gain a good idea of water pollution levels. They also help us watch rising water levels, which are important indicators of global change. And, the research doesn’t stop there. Animal monitoring systems also provide us with the chance to gain in-depth knowledge about the natural world. Often, this gives us an insight into a world which was mysterious to us up until now. And, this information also helps conservationists keep track of endangered species. Knowing their behaviors is the best chance we stand of saving them from extinction. With the aid of these monitoring systems, we’re able to gain a good idea of their environments. And, we can also obtain an accurate representation the numbers still left in the wild. This can show us areas of concern we may not have spotted before.

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The Chance To Share

The planet is more connected than ever before, and it’s all thanks to the internet. We now have access to the news wherever we are. And social media ensures we hear about global issues, even when they aren’t reported. This opportunity to share has helped us in all walks of life, and caring for the environment is no different. In the days before the world wide web, we only got brief snippets of environmental issues elsewhere. Now, we’re more aware than ever before of the state of the environment across the world. Sharing of pictures and links on social media is crucial for ensuring that we’re all aware of issues. If a species in Africa is about to go extinct, people in Australia, America, or the UK, now have the chance to do something.

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