February 18, 2018

EHRs Used More Frequently In Medical Malpractice Cases

A recent survey conducted by Politico found that doctors and medical professionals are using electronic health records more than ever before. Ever since the concept of keeping information on a computer system came about, opinions have been split over whether or not security is tight enough. The survey concluded that sufficient measures were in place to ensure the system is not abused. It also found there were many obvious benefits to allowing doctors to access records in that manner. Some of the main advantages have been published below. You should find them interesting.

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Faster access to vital information

In the past, doctors who needed to check patient records in order to make sure they were not overlooking anything important would have had to do so manually. That meant lives were at risk because it could take more than an hour to find your information. EHRs allow doctors to obtain everything they need to know in a matter of seconds while you are still in the room. That had helped to decreased treatment waiting times and improve the health service as a whole.

Fewer mistakes

There is not getting away from the fact that technology is revolutionizing the medical industry. A greater use of EHRs means that medical malpractice cases should decrease. At the end of the day, doctors are human, and so we shouldn’t expect them to get things right all the time. The experts at BrownandCrouppen.com/ claim they are dealing with more instances of malpractice than ever before. However, lots of industry insiders expect the tides to turn in the near future.

More suitable treatments

Having patient records at their fingertips means that doctors can prescribe better treatments for a range of different conditions. There could be some information in there that means some medicines and procedures are not suitable for the patient. For instance, they might have certain allergies, and there could be evidence to suggest the compounds used are not going to work in that particular instance. Knowing the facts will ensure that doctors always find the most effective treatments based on individual cases.

Better patient care

If medical professionals are unaware that you have existing conditions, they can be forgiven for overlooking them when providing care. Perhaps you have suffered from depression for a long time? If so, you’re going to want your doctors to be sensitive to that fact. EHRs are helping to pave the way for a new approach to patient care, and they are certain to limit the incidences where professionals get it wrong.

Now you know about some of the main benefits of EHRs, you can look forward to further advancements in the next few years. We simply can’t ignore the fact that the world is moving forward. New technology is released every single day, and so we want our doctors to use it to their advantage. Don’t worry about the security issues because the system has been set up in a way that makes it almost impossible for criminals to make a profit from your information.  So, nothing bad should happen if there is a breach.

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