January 18, 2018

How Ace Is Your App?

Whether you are creating an app for a company, or designing at the next big thing in gaming, one thing in particular applies. That is that your app has to be good. Crashy apps, incompatible apps, and ones that don’t do exactly what they say on the tin, are not popular ones. So to ensure your app is an ace, read on for the criteria you need to judge it against.


Number one on the list is the visual aspects of the app. It can have the best functionality in the world, but if it looks too basic and doesn’t appeal to the user, then no one is going to download it.

That means it’s worth investing in some professional illustrators and designers to make your app as user-friendly and attractive as possible.

As apps are small in size, concise graphics and visuals often work the best. You want things that will grab the user’s attention and are easily distinguishable from each other to avoid confusion.  

Image here

Fit for purpose

Next, to have an ace app, you need to it to be fit for purpose. That means that it actually achieves the things that it claims to do.

To ensure that this happens it is best to test your app well before hand. To do this, you can make use of the functional tests listed at QASymphony. As there you will find each individual test that you should run to ensure that your app is working to its maximum potential.

You can also include user testing in the latter stages of development. As this will help you to check on how individuals relate and interact with the software you are encapsulating in your application.


Security is a big deal for most users and developers alike. Users don’t want apps that will collect and mine their personal information without having the chance to opt of out of this, or at least be made aware of it.

That means you need to be very upfront with your users as to what your privacy policy is and how they can adjust the settings if they need to.

You also need to make sure that app itself has integrity. So outside forces cannot easily get in to change or collect data. As this makes it all but unusable to your potential customers.


Obviously, compatibility is important when developing an app. Compatibility choices include using the Apple format or the Android format. As well as the different operating systems within these platforms.

Remember getting compatibility right can make your app even better because it is easily available to the maximum number of people.


Reliability is hugely important in term of getting a successful app. Everyone has that experience of downloading something that looks as if it’s going to make their life easier. Then only to be disappointed when it crashes over, and over again, making it unfit for purpose.

Yes, it is fairly easy to write an update for any unseen reliability issues, but it is much more beneficial to test your app properly before releasing it, to avoid these. As users trust in your product may be quickly compromised if they experience too much inconvenience due to this problem.  

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