February 18, 2018

Is Working From Home Really Worth the Hype?

Working from home has gained a lot of attention and it’s due to the ease and accessibility of the internet. The internet has created many new jobs, opening up more opportunities, and since the entire world is connected through these magical pipes and cables, businesses all over the world are now more open to accepting employees in other countries, something that was previously impossible.

But is working from home really worth the hype? For many people, it sounds like a dream come true and for others, it feels like something they would hate. In this article, we’ll be going through some of the pros and cons of working from home and what career paths you actually have available to you.


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You have some great career choices

You might think that working from home involves sitting at your desk typing up documents from 9 to 5, but you’d be wrong. There are some crazy online careers that include anything from betting, to trading stocks, to even playing video games for a living. In fact, many people make a living on the internet at home by simply getting a lot of ad revenue. In other words, the more attention you draw to your website, YouTube videos or even blog, the more money you’ll get.

One of the most promising ways to make money at home and work from the comfort of your bed is to trade in stocks and shares. Stocks and shares typically require a lot of money before you can get started and it’s not a simple learning process. Trading in foreign currencies requires even more money, but luckily there’s another option: penny stocks. Contrary to the name, penny stocks are rarely worth a penny. Unlike power stocks, they typically fluctuate in price on a regular basis, giving them a volatile reputation but making it a great entry-level training option for new traders. If you’re wondering “are penny stocks the best option for me?” then take a look at the following link to help you decide. Just remember that despite the name, penny stocks can make you a serious amount of money if you research and invest.

Working from home can be distracting

If you have children or roommates at home, then you might find it difficult to work due to the comforting environment. Sure, you’ll be waking up, getting a coffee and then sitting down at your computer to work while you’re still in your pyjamas, but you’re also going to be dealing with your kids, looking after your dog and speaking to your roommates as they barge into your private space.

However, as long as you set proper working hours and stick to a schedule, working from home can make you just as productive as working in the office. Don’t treat working at home as a holiday, but designate time and a quiet space to work in so that you can focus on your job and not be distracted. Too much freedom can be a bad thing, and there is a lot of responsibility in working from home and deciding your own goals and managing your own time. If you’re aren’t used to working independently, then you might need to ease yourself into working at home if you decide to make the switch.

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