January 23, 2018

KDE releases first version of Plasma Media Center

KDE releases first version of Plasma Media Center

Linux devotees need media too, don’tcha know? Designed to cater to “media enthusiasts,” Plasma Media Center has been released today for those looking to place photos, videos and audio clips on the highest pedestal. The build (v1.0.0) was crafted on Plasma and KDE technologies, and as you might expect, it aims to deliver a “unified media experience on PCs, tablets, networks, TVs and any other device capable of running KDE.” PMC can be used to view images, play music or watch videos, and developers are free to create custom plugins for the software as well. The release — as well as installation guides for Ubuntu and Fedora — are housed in the read link, and if you’re willing to give it a go, let us know how it turns out in comments below.

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