February 18, 2018

LG 20 inch DX2000 3D Monitor – No Glasses Needed

In our experience, soaking in the third dimension on a panel smaller than 40-some-odd inches isn’t exactly a jaw-dropping affair, but if you’re residing in cramped quarters… well, your options are somewhat limited. Outside of strapping something on your dome, you’ll probably be in the market for a more diminutive set, and LG’s DX2000 just might fit the bill. It’s a 20-inch LED-backlit 3D monitor, but unlike the legions of alternatives, this one’s of the glasses-free variety. It relies on parallax barrier technology (read: not the most sophisticated), but ups the ante by throwing in the world’s first eye-tracking feature on a panel of this stature. In theory, said feature allows users to move about in front of the screen, perhaps expanding those exceedingly narrow “sweet spots” that have worried viewers for years now. We’re also told that there’s a 2D-to-3D conversion feature, and while it’s destined to hit Korean streets later this month, other regions are slated to get it during the latter part of 2011.

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