February 17, 2018

Nikon D4 field review

Nikon D4 review

Right around 2.5 years after the introduction of Nikon’s most recent game-changer (yeah, we’re bragging about the D3S), its proper successor has emerged. Without qualification, the amount of hope and expectation surrounding the Nikon D4 was immense. In a way, most Nikonians were (perhaps foolishly) expecting the D4 to be to the D3S what the D3S was to the D3, and we’ll confess that we were cautiously saving up precious pennies in the event that the game was changed yet again.

For better or worse, the actual specifications of the D4 ended up as hardly worth writing home about, with an ISO range mirroring that already seen on the D3S, a megapixel rating lower than that of the cheaper D800 and a battery rated for fewer snaps than the outgoing D3S. All at an MSRP that’s starting at $ 800 above where the D3S started. You’ll notice a lot of comparisons throughout this article with the Best Camera of 2009, but that’s intentional; yours truly has spent the last 2.5 years using the D3S for business and pleasure, and it’s only logical to pit the D4 against a camera that has become molded to many palms here at Engadget HQ. Is the D4 a worthy upgrade? Or even a worthy successor? Let’s find out.

Gallery: Nikon D4 hands-on gallery

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