February 19, 2018

Technology And The Business World: An Issue Of Give And Take

Every time there’s a significant technological advance, we worry about lost jobs. From self-scan tills to production machines, technology has undeniably done some out of work. But that’s nothing new. Machinery has been transforming the face of industries since the 18th century. Yet, technology is now advancing at such a rapid rate that many worry it’ll do away with workers altogether.

It’s a fair concern, and one which is coming true in some industries. For instance, there are now self-scan only supermarkets which operate on skeleton crews. And, that’s not the only case of technology taking jobs. But, that’s not to say inventions haven’t also created a fair few careers. The industry may be changing, but it’s certainly giving as much as it takes when it comes to jobs. To prove it, let’s consider the career options which wouldn’t be possible without technology.

Making the tech

This one is an obvious plus, yet few people consider it. Technology can do a lot of things, but it can’t make itself. The production of those machines which ‘replace jobs’ falls on real-life workers. What’s more, this is a career which didn’t exist before technology. And, it’s more than just the machine makers. Technology has also opened jobs when it comes to phone production, games consoles, and computer developments. Whatever the tech, there are whole swathes of people behind it. From conception to production, the technology relies on humans to make it work. And, given how many technological devices we use in modern life, you can be sure a hell of a lot of jobs have been created.

The age of remote working

In case you hadn’t realized, remote working is a big deal. So much so that 47% of Canadian employees now work this way. And, guess what? Remote work would never have been possible without use of computers and the internet. Now, companies are able to employ individuals who work all over the world. With the help of cloud services like those offered by Vertex, they can even ensure those remote workers have access to all the files they would in the office. You may be wondering how exactly this has created jobs. Well, companies who wouldn’t have been able to afford staff in the past can now do so with ease. After all, they don’t need to worry about affording an office space!

Freelance possibilities

We have, of course, saved the best until last. Technology has revolutionised the freelance opportunities open to workers. Again, this is all thanks to the internet and the possibility of working long distance. Now, Freelancers can communicate, and even commission jobs online from their homes. Hence, they have a broader reach, for a lower upfront cost. And, thanks to blogs and other websites, many freelancers have a more extensive range of platforms than ever. Not to mention that they have the chance to reach a much broader audience than they would otherwise. It’s no wonder, then, that many are turning towards careers in this field.

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