January 18, 2018

Technology Is Changing Healthcare In A Big Way. We Investigate

Technology has already played an enormous part in our everyday lives. We are moving at a phenomenal rate, forcing significant changes in our personal and business lives. It’s hard to imagine that the iPhone is only ten years old. Technology adaptations are extending further than we could ever imagine. Nowhere is that more evident than in the healthcare industry. The vast leaps forward in healthcare tech seems futuristic, and fantastical. Healthcare is now a top career in the digital age. With talks about robotics, organ recreation, and nano-sensors, we were keen to learn more. Today, we’re going behind the scenes of the healthcare industry to see how technology is shaping the future.



Speak to any modern doctor, and it’s clear that wearable technology is striking a positive change. For instance, doctors are now using Google Glass during operations. The augmented reality device shows doctors useful information during the surgery. It displays patient data, information, and stats right in front of their eyes. It also allows doctors to identify organs and information that are helpful in the operation. This is just the start of wearable technology and augmented reality in the operating room.

One thing that has dominated tech headlines for years is the use of 3D printers. When they were first discussed, many predicted they would change the world. We’re a long way from having one in every home, but they are doing fantastic things in the health industry. In the last twelve months, medical experts made a major breakthrough. They were able to cultivate and print real human tissue using a 3D printer. They even recreated a windpipe for a cancer patient. There are still plenty of ethical questions floating around. However, there’s no denying its power in restorative health.

The development and use of robotics is something that is always associated with futuristic technology. It often seems far-fetched, but they have a very real application in the hospital. Many operations are now carried out using robotic instruments. In many cases, surgeons are no longer in the same operating room as their patients. They will simply use robotic controllers from a sterile environment. Fascinating.

This technology doesn’t just benefit the doctors and nurses, however. It is also becoming incredibly useful for patients. One obvious example is the increase in home health care software. It allows a much more efficient point of care service to the elderly and homebound patients. Patients have instant access to the treatments and prescriptions at the click of a button. As for caregivers, they can easily maintain schedules, access medicare and check medical records.

So far, we’ve talked about the improvement in treatments. But, we’ll end with a fantastic development in diagnostics. We are now experimenting with digestible sensors and nano robotics. These capsules and robotics will enter our bodies and detect illnesses and problems. These tiny robots will even enter our bloodstream. It will help spot major conditions early, and save more patients.

We’re on the cusp of an enormous shift in the healthcare industry. Technology is leading the way, and providing a bright future for the health world.

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