January 23, 2018

The Internet 2.0: Incredible Predictions For 2050 That Are Likely To Come True

The Internet is exciting, don’t you think? It’s something that has changed all our lives for the better. Plus, it’s given a welcome boost to scores of industries, creating new jobs in the process. It can get used for work, entertainment, and even security surveillance! Some of you might think the Internet has reached its technological peak.

Here’s the thing: what we’ve seen of the Internet so far is just the beginning. We are in for some significant changes in the next few decades. And, I believe that the Internet will evolve in ways that we might not even comprehend today! Here are some incredible predictions that are likely to come true by 2050:


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Everyone in the world will have Internet access

Many governments and high-profile individuals are campaigning for universal Internet access. It’s easy to forget that few people in developing nations can go online. By the time we reach 2050, everyone can go online – regardless of their wealth or social standing.

As you can imagine, that’s good news in many ways. For one, it will make it easier for everyone to get an education. And, for another, it ensures friends and loved ones can stay in contact with each other.

Cash and credit cards will cease to exist

It can be a real pain carrying around a lot of cash and plastic. By 2050, I predict that those forms of payment won’t exist. Instead, we’ll all have some form of universal currency. Of course, it will be one that gets used over the Internet, much like Bitcoin, for example.

Retail businesses will mostly disappear

We all know how easy it is to buy products and services online these days. It’s possible to get anything from groceries to gardening tools delivered to your door! What’s more, it’s both a safer and more convenient option than buying in person.


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Because of that fact, we are likely to see the vast decline of retail businesses. Even entertainment businesses like casinos will only stay online. Especially with popular sites like the one here! Still, some bricks and mortar retailers will stick around. But, for the most part, the Internet will be our primary shopping destination.

We will plug ourselves into the Internet

It wouldn’t surprise me if we all got microchips implanted under our skin. You know how we can use some mobile devices for NFC payments? Well, by 2050, expect to wave your hand across wireless readers instead of your phone!

Yes, it does sound somewhat controversial. However, it could offer many other benefits too apart from easy payments. For instance, our microchips could upload health data to our doctors. And it could do so without the need for invasive tests.

We won’t need wires to go online

Last, but not least, all Internet access will become wireless by 2050. Yes, that’s already possible today in 2016 thanks to Wi-Fi. But, one prediction that will almost certainly come true is complete wireless connectivity.

Many of the things we use today can connect to the Internet without a wire. In 34 years’ time, you won’t see any Internet devices that use Ethernet cable. Unless you were looking at them in a technology museum, of course!

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