January 19, 2018

Three Astounding Facts About Tech That You Need To Know

For many, technology is nearly a complete mystery. There are aspects of it that the untrained will never understand. Consider coding as an example of this. You might understand coding on a basic level. You might be aware that coding is the process of creating software from scratch rather than working with existing building blocks. But beyond that? It’s unlikely that you know what coding is or even care all that much.

However, there are elements of technology that you do need to be aware of. This will help you in your personal life, in business and in a wide variety of different situations where tech might play a part. Let’s start by thinking about information that has been deleted.

Nothing Is Ever Deleted

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We bet you are kicking yourself right now about not turning in that important document for uni because you thought you accidentally deleted it. But it’s true, nothing is ever truly deleted. So, whether you misplaced a key document for your business or misplaced that incredible masterpiece that you wrote up as a 4am miracle, you’ll be pleased to hear that if it ever existed on a piece of tech, then it is never really gone. The best way to think about this is to remember that computers have a memory just like you. When we see something, it exists in our short term memory, but computers are different. Everything viewed or typed up on a computer is stored in the long term memory, saved or not. Saving the doc will just make it easier to find.

This doesn’t mean that if you are hoping to delete something for good, you have serious work cut out for you. With computer forensics services, lawyers and other professionals are able to find the information on everything from a typical computer hard drive to an iPad.

There is a notable exception to this rule, and that’s the cloud. If something goes missing on the cloud, you can bet it still exists. But the information lost is even more difficult to locate.

It Has A Life Expectancy

When you buy tech, you might assume that it is designed to last forever, but that’s not the case at all. Tech has a life expectancy which is why when you buy it, there is always a short warranty. Short in terms of technology. Five years is often standard, and that’s because tech lasting any longer than this should be considered a bonus! A brilliant example of this is Sony and their games consoles. These consoles are designed to last a set number of power-ups before failing. This can be anything between one and five thousand. Developer are aware of the certain failure of their tech but they hardly ever announce it to the buying public.  

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The World Will End With A Code

Lastly, are you worried about terrorist attacks, explosions, perhaps Donald Trump causing North Korea to hit the red button? You can rest assured, knowing that none of these will result in the end of civilisation. That will come when someone decides to melt the system with a single code. Everything is connected and online these days. If a clever hacker decided to kill the internet or wipe out security data of governments, it would be the end of the world as we know it.

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