January 23, 2018

Top 4 Up And Coming Careers Of The Digital Age

The digital age is here. A new era of human life that has coincided with the rise in technology. From surgical procedures to social interactions, we use technology for everything. In this new digital age, there are many new and exciting things. One of which are the new jobs on offer. The digital age has seen a creation of many new jobs and some are becoming more and more popular. This article will go through some of the up and coming careers of the digital age.


  • Computer Programmer



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Computer programmers deal with lots of coding and development. The main tasks revolve around writing the source code of computer programs. As well as writing/designing the code you’ll have to test it over and over to make sure it works. If any problems arise over time, then it’s your job to analyse what went wrong and fix it. Computer programming is a hot career in the digital age because almost all companies need a programmer for their system.


  • Mobile App Developer



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Possibly the fastest growing career in the digital age; app development. Becoming an Android app developer is easy because it can be a self-taught profession. The people behind Android even have a section on their site where you can learn to build your own app. The great thing about app development is that you can make money in different ways. Either you make your own apps and charge a price/make money through the app. Or you can get paid to develop apps for companies. The choice is entirely up to you!


  • Social Media Copywriter



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With the growth in social media, it’s only natural to see social media jobs appear too. One of the most popular social media jobs is a ‘copywriter’. What this means is that you write copy for social media accounts. The most popular example of this is writing tweets for a company on Twitter. You get paid to come up with tweets that engage and attract people. Some copywriting jobs are promotion based. You tweet something promoting a business or web page, and the aim is for people to click on the link. It’s a fairly easy job if you’re creative and think on your feet.


  • Digital Marketer



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It’s the digital age, so it makes sense that we have digital marketing too. A digital marketer develops a marketing strategy for a company across digital platforms. This can include things like social media, SEO, PPC, mobile marketing, etc. Each of these things has their specific purpose, but the main aim of digital marketing is developing online communications. Social Media helps you create a presence online and communicate with consumers. SEO and PPC help you get more visitors to your site and become more well known. It’s the basic marketing principle of getting yourself out there but done via digital methods.

Jobs in the digital age are coming in droves. The great thing about the digital age is that new, unique jobs are being created. Jobs that didn’t exist decades ago. It can make searching for a job a lot easier as there are many more options available!

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