February 19, 2018

Top High-Tech Gadgets To Add To Every Room In Your Home

Technology comes in all shapes and sizes with many different purposes. Nowadays, the tech trend extends to our homes, with loads of cool gadgets that we can use to make our property better. Bearing that in mind, I’ve listed the main rooms in your house, and given you one piece of tech to buy for them! Read on and enjoy…

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Living Room

In the living room, you have loads of options you can choose from. Personally, I’ve gone for something that focuses on entertainment. I think your living room is the place where you’re most likely to entertain any guests, and it’s where the family comes together to watch TV or movies. Having said that, my tech gadget for the living room is the Roku 3 streaming media device. This is a small little device you can hook up to your TV and stream loads of different TV channels and apps. It saves you having to pay for a cable TV subscription, and puts things like Netflix and YouTube onto a big screen. There’s so much content, your family will spend hours trying to decide what to watch!


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Bedrooms are very personal, so there are many gadgets one person may deem more essential than someone else. However, there’s one piece of tech that I think everyone will benefit from in their bedroom. I’m talking about a Smart light bulb – something like the Phillips Hue lights. These bulbs can be controlled via an app that lets you adjust the light colour and intensity in your room. It’s ideal for when you’re about to go to sleep and want calmer lighting in your bedroom. It doesn’t hurt your eyes as much, meaning you can get to sleep quicker.

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There is almost too much kitchen technology out there for you to use these days. For me, the best thing you can buy is a countertop convection oven. As it mentions in an article at newkitchenlife.com, these are basically mini versions of your regular oven. They’re great because you have more cooking space and they’re relatively small. So, if you cook for a large family, this will be a lifesaver. Plus, they’re designed to cook more evenly, leading to better results at dinner time. An excellent bit of technology that takes something big and makes it smaller and more effective.

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Again, there are loads of things to choose from here. You’ve got shower speakers, mirrors with built-in TV’s, and even drawers that heat your towels. For me, there’s only one winner though; a high-tech super toilet. This idea of a super toilet is discussed on thespruce.com, and there are loads of cool ways it benefits you. For one, you have a lid that opens and closes automatically. Not to mention a heated seat, integrated bidet, and touchless flushing. It makes toilet time more relaxing, hygienic, and better for the environment too.

There you have it; the four most important rooms in your house and a great gadget to go in them. If you feel like getting anything on this list, then let me know how it improves your home! Alternatively, feel free to come up with any suggestions that you’d prefer over the gadgets I’ve listed, and leave them in a comment below.

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