February 18, 2018

Vizio brings pricing and release information to spring line of laptops and desktops

Vizio brings pricing and release information to its spring line of laptops and desktops

For those opting to “replace” instead of “clean” this spring, Vizio’s got a bit of news for you — the outfit’s latest line of touch-friendly laptops and desktops now have firm pricing details to pore over. Starting with the portables, the 14-inch Touch Thin + Light (CT14T-B0) will ship soon with an AMD A10 APU and a base price of $ 1,089.99; the Core i7-equipped CT14T-B1, however, will start at $ 1,419.99. For those needing a bit more screen to stare at, the 15.6-inch versions of these guys will go for $ 1,189.99 (AMD A10) / $ 1,469.99 (Intel Core i7). Sliding over to desktops, the 24-inch Touch All-in-One (CA24T-B0) will ship momentarily for $ 1,279.99 with an AMD A10 APU, while the Core i7-infused CA24T-B1 will start at $ 1,439.99 and the 27-inch CA27T-B1 will get going at $ 1,549.99. As you’d expect, Windows 8 will find itself on home across the entire range, and those looking to buy in immediately can do so at the source links below.

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Source: Vizio, Microsoft Store

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