February 18, 2018

WSJ: FCC chairman Julius Genachowski will say tomorrow that he’s stepping down

FCC chairman Julius Genachowski stepping down

Merely a day after FCC commissioner Robert McDowell announced his resignation, it appears that chairman Julius Genachowski is going to do likewise. Citing an unnamed FCC official and industry official, The Wall Street Journal reports Genachowski is expected to leave — presumably as his term ends on June 30th. Granted, the departure isn’t a shock to anyone who follows the roller coaster ride of Washington, but it’s bound to rekindle chatter about who is set to take his place.

Like most every other figurehead in politics, Genachowski has had his fair share of outspoken proponents and critics, but he has embedded himself into the world of consumer electronics in a way that few other chairmen have. From calling for hastened broadband rollouts throughout America to voicing concerns about the existing phone unlocking policy, Genachowski won’t soon be forgotten for his forthright opinions on matters that impact folks who frequent this site. As for the man or woman taking his place this summer? Looks like we’ll have to wait a bit for the answer to that one.

We reached out for more, and a spokesperson for the chairman declined to comment.

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Source: Wall Street Journal, Reuters

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