February 18, 2018

5 Reasons Why California Is A Forgotten Paradise


Lots of people think of California as a state of two halves. One half is full of surfer dudes and the other half consists of wine vineyards, but California is one of those states that has some magic in the air. The first thing that can really appeal is the fact that it’s so sunny all the time. And life on the west coast is a pretty relaxing experience. Even those that struggle to get by; at least they are struggling by with fantastic views and warm climates. So, here are some of the best things about the golden state.

The Vast Areas Of Land

You can truly get lost in the beauty of the sprawling landmass. From the great Mount Whitney to the Badwater Basin, there is so much beautiful land there to inspire and even just looking at the salt flats of the basin, it gives you a true perspective on how minuscule we really are. For those that have money going spare, and a dream, you could purchase some land and set up a life as a true Californian, relaxing in the wilderness. Land in California has some of the best recreational lands in North America, and there are agents like sports afield trophy properties that offer ranches, and you can browse their listings at their website. The various locations in California that’s whose natural beauty means you are thoroughly spoilt for choice!

The Fascinating People

Go to a dinner party in California, and you will encounter people that work as actors, lifeguards, stylists, or even seismologists! Conversation has never been so enlightening, that you could spend the whole evening discussing the finer points of new wave French cinema, but move on to how best to trap a bear! And that is merely skimming the surface, venture down to Los Angeles, and you will encounter the magic of the movies, but the rich cultural history of the music of the city, in places like The Rainbow on the Sunset Strip.

The Iconic Landmarks

Look at the Golden Gate Bridge, the greatest feat of American engineering. At 4,200 feet in length, the suspension bridge is arguably the most iconic image of America, save for the Brooklyn bridge, but venture to LA and the Hollywood sign, or down to Venice Beach, or Mann’s Chinese Theater, and you’ve got so much iconic imagery leaping out at you. It is literally impossible to escape without recognizing a site you have seen in a movie.

The California Sunset

You haven’t lived until you’ve bathed in its warming glow. The California sunset is one of a kind, and when you see the light glistening over a pristine, untouched coastline, that’s when you can really take on board the beauty of this state.

San Francisco

The most relaxed and open city in the world, no doubt! You’ve got a mish-mash of colors, cultures, and everything you could possibly want in this relaxed setting. You want every type of food into the sun? You’ve got it! You want a relaxing stroll with beautiful surroundings, and you’ve got it! You fancy touring a prison? You’ve most definitely got it!

So, let’s hear it for California, the forgotten paradise!

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