January 17, 2018

Best Water Sports Destinations In America

Most people go on a vacation to relax, lie on a beach, take in some culture, and eat the local food without feeling guilty. Popular getaway destinations in America include New York, Los Angeles, or Hawaii depending on people’s preferred ratio of beach to culture. But it might also do your body some good to get a little active during your vacation. Whether you’re experienced in extreme sports, or you’re new to adrenaline-filled getaways, here are a few destinations you should consider for your next vacation.

Pennsylvania Dutch Country

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The scenery in Dutch Country is mostly untouched, picturesque, and beautiful. If you’re not quite ready for an extreme sports vacation, they start off slow with a visit to Lake Clarke. People come here every year to take out pontoon boat rentals out for the day, to take part in water skiing, fishing, and other water sports, to have picnics, or to just enjoy the beautiful scenery of the lake. When you’ve had enough of the water sports, you can experience a simpler way of life by going on an Amish Experience tour, or visiting one of the many museums in Dutch Country.


Minnesota, also known as the “Land of 10,000 Lakes” is both a backpacker’s paradise, and a hotspot for nature lovers. While there are plenty of places to camp in the woods, you could also hire a cabin for a rustic vacation, allowing you to relax in between your water adventures. Water lovers should visit the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness at the northeastern tip of Minnesota for a truly rural getaway. This is a place where people cook over fires instead of ovens, they paddle across the lake instead of taking a motorboat, and they surrender their headphones to listen to the sound of nature.

The Grand Canyon

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Once you’re ready to kick it up a few gears, you should definitely consider going white water rafting in the Grand Canyon. This natural marvel was not just meant to be admired from a safe distance; the Colorado River that runs through the Canyon offers 226 miles of big water excitement set in one of the most beautiful desert canyons on Earth. Trips can range from six-day, motor-driven tours to 16-day, luxury-rafting getaways that feature gourmet food and breathtaking side hikes.

Jackson Hole

Snake River Wyoming Grand Teton National Park

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Wyoming might not usually be high on most people’s bucket list, but those with a taste for adventure should reconsider their stance. Only a short drive away from Yellowstone National Park, Jackson Hole is an adventurer’s paradise. It offers everything from extreme rock climbing and hiking on Grand Teton, to canoeing, white water rafting, and kayaking on the Snake River.

White Mountains

Not all water sports have to take place on a water vehicle. In New Hampshire, one of the most exhilarating things you can experience is waterfall rappelling through the White Mountains. Prepare to get wet after hiking to the top of a 100-foot fall, then making your way down the rock face with a guide.

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