January 19, 2018

Budget Eats On A Journey Around The World

Your stomach is a lot like your libido: it doesn’t stop while you are away from home. Indeed, the temptations and urges may get stronger and stronger as you make your way from one country to the next. And, that is a good thing because traveling is about trying new things and putting your taste buds to the test. There’s one teeny weenie problem, however: your budget. To journey the world and see the world’s highest mountains and most explosive volcanoes, you have to budget wisely. Otherwise, you’ll be back at home wishing you paid your gut no mind. So, how does one eat well without breaking the bank?

Booking Ahead

You’re going to Hong Kong and want to sample the culinary delights. Unfortunately, to do this costs money and there aren’t many ways to cut the expenses once in the country. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t make the price of food cheaper before you go. The key is to book in advance and get a table at a restaurant at a fair rate before it rises out of control. Another option is to book Hong Kong serviced apartments, pick the one with the best kitchen and cook at home or order takeout. Remember that food from Felix tastes the same out of a box.

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Food Market Friends

Westerners have a canny ability to make street food seem disgusting. Well, just because the kitchen isn’t clean from top to bottom doesn’t mean the meat is bad. In fact, some people would say it gives it character and adds to the taste! The truth is that street food is a way of life in many countries around the globe, from Asia to Central America and Africa. Because the menu is low-tech, the food is as cheap as chips to borrow a British phrase. Also, it’s incredibly delicious as it’s a real flavor of the country and not a sanitized version.

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Locals In The Know

If anyone knows which meals are affordable and delicious, it’s the locals. And, they will divulge the information as long as you ask them for their help. Okay, so it’s a lot harder than it sounds on a blog post, particularly if you don’t speak the lingo. Still, a phrasebook is a handy tool if the phrase “hablas Ingles?” doesn’t do the trick. Should all else fail, you can play a game of impromptu charades and use hand motions.

Two Meals A Day

The three square meal theory is something western cultures believe in, yet it doesn’t translate around the world. Due to the heat, you may find that your appetite wanes while you are on the move. If it does, there is no need to eat for the sake of having a meal. So you have breakfast and don’t feel hungry until dinner; just go with the flow. That way, you don’t spend money unnecessarily. Plus, you can take the savings and splurge a little on a fancy meal without breaking the bank.

Ultimately, the key, as always, is to shop around for the best deals. After all, that’s how you bag a bargain.

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