January 17, 2018

Castles, Cakes and Cuppas: The Best Of England

Going on a trip to England is something that a lot of people from Canada and the US want to do. Obviously, this is for many reasons, one of which is the long legacy of history there. As well as the ties many folks from these places have with the heritage of the UK. So if you are thinking of taking a trip to England shortly, read on to find out just how to do it.

Before you go

Before your trip, you will need to make sure that you have the correct documents in place. However, the system is in the midst of change meaning visitors from Canada that did not need a visa will require an electronic visa waiver in the future. Although this can seem a little confusing, you can check out the etias visa facts by clicking the link. As there you will find information related directly to your country of departure and what documentation you will need to have to gain entry to England.


Once you get into the country, usually via Gatwick or Heathrow airports near London, you will want to start exploring. Luckily, London, England’s capital city and is a wealth of culture and vibrancy. Some highlights Canadian visitors might enjoy in particular are Buckingham Palace, the residence of the queen, as well as Hampton Court.

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Also for a real English experience make sure to take afternoon tea at the Ritz hotel. This hotel one of London’s most expensive establishments, and you can expect delicately cut cucumber sandwiches, along with delicious pastry confections and some excellent tea or champagne. There is even coffee available on request if you would prefer. Just remember to book online before your trip, as they get sold out months in advance.


Lastly, it can also be a lot of fun to visit the Houses of Parliament on the River Thames. These are truly impressive buildings where UK House of Lords and Parliament still sit when in session. You can have a tour around these historic building too, which is not to be missed.


Of course, London isn’t the only interesting place to visit while in England. Further north is the famous city of Liverpool, the birthplace of the Beatles.

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There you can ride on the Magical Mystery Tour, visit the Cavern club where it all started. Or even take a peek inside John and Paul’s childhood homes to see what it was like for them growing up.

Warwick and Stratford on Avon

If you are travelling from Canada, you should also take some time out of your trip to visit some of the smaller more interesting towns.

Warwick is a good place to start. As they have their own medieval castle to visit to really get a sense of England’s rich, and sometimes bloody history. They even hold jousting events here occasion, so try to catch one if you can.

Then there is the quaint and charming Stratford Upon Avon. The birthplace of Shakespeare. Visit the Swan Theatre there and see one of his many theoretical masterworks. Or pop into Anne Hathaway’s cottage to see how the maestro lived.

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