February 18, 2018

Could A Traditional “Sun And Sand” Holiday Be Bad For Your Health?



We are approaching the season when the holidays will begin in earnest. Everyone will be flying off to a foreign land, with pretty much the same plans in mind. While there will always be people who like to do something different, for many Brits, the idea of a holiday is pretty much the same kind of thing.

Given that these ideas of what constitutes a holiday are so well-known, perhaps it would be safe to assume that a holiday is nothing but beneficial. After all, it’s all about relaxation, isn’t it? And anyone who has any idea about health knows that relaxation is a key to keeping stress to a minimum; keeping stress to a minimum is a huge part of good health. So a holiday can be nothing but good things, right…?

Not necessarily. If you hear anyone saying (or just think for yourself) any of the following, then it might be worth considering whether the potential health cost of a holiday is something you want to indulge in so often. At the very least, you might be tempted to tailor the way that you go about your relaxation break, so there’s some tips for ideas to change things up too.

“I’m going to get a tan!”

A tan might be seen as a sign of health, but it really isn’t. A tan is your skin’s way of saying that it’s in pain, that it’s being damaged. It’s definitive: there’s no such thing as a healthy tan.

Alternative: Enjoy the sunshine of your destination, but do it while slathered in a high SPF suncream. This way you can have the benefit of the heat and the feel of the sun on your skin, but without the potentially life-damaging consequences. Or, you could just fake the tan and skip the sun entirely!

“I hate flying but you have to do it to get anywhere good!”

A fear of aircraft and flying is one of the most common, to the point where thousands of people will take medication to allow them to fly comfortably this summer. The problem is… is that relaxation, putting yourself through something that’s going to terrify you?

Alternative: You could always consider a UK holiday – wait! Don’t run off! UK holidays can be wonderful – how much have you actually researched them? Do you know about the stunning beaches of Cornwall or the nightlife of Newquay? The thrill rides available at Alton Towers? The beauty of Wales and the things to do in Gower or the delightful exploration of Snowdonia? If you’ve never actually researched what a UK holiday can offer, then it might be the time to start rather than put yourself through a travel experience that terrifies you.

“I can’t wait to try different food!”

Trying different cuisine is great; it’s one of the major benefits of travelling away from home, after all. However, it does have the downside of the fact you may eat far more in terms of calories than you ever would at home. Combine that with lots of lazing around by the pool and you might be coming home with extra pounds in ways beyond all the souvenirs you have crammed into your luggage.

Alternative: Keep it simple. Sample local food, but have a few days on holiday where you stick to light options and healthy snacks. It’ll make all the difference.

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