January 23, 2018

Couples In Love Need To Do These Romantic Things While Staying In Goa

Have you thought about your own never ending honeymoon? Consider visiting the beautiful area of Goa, India. The region has so much to see and do that will help put the spark back in your relationship. Especially if you try some of these romantic tricks when staying in Goa:



Visit the romantic waterfall of Dudhsagar Falls

One of India’s most famous waterfalls, Dudhsagar Falls, is situated in Goa and is the perfect place for a couple to seek some peace in nature. Dudhsagar Falls is known for its incredible beauty with beautiful milky water. It’s situated in the Wild Life Sanctuary in South Goa and is one of the most popular attractions for couples who are looking for a romantic spot. You can take a photograph together beside the romantic waterfall, and it’s something you will both remember from your trip to Goa!


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Go sunbathing together at Baga Beach

Goa is known for its stunning beaches; millions flock there every year to make the most of the sunbathing opportunities. Therefore, couples need to go to one of the popular beaches such as Baga Beach for some sunbathing time together. You can relax together and spend days soaking in the sun. You could even both do some watersports such as water skiing which will be a lot of fun for you both. Amongst you will be many honeymooners, so it makes for a great romantic destination for you and your beau! Just make sure you go when the weather is hot; information on Goa best time to visit can be found online to ensure you enjoy the sun when you are there! After all, you don’t want to dampen the mood with bad rain!



Go shopping together at Anjuna Market

While you are in Goa, you and your partner should walk around hand in hand around a flea market. It can be romantic and is a lovely way to pass a day while you are staying in the region. Millions flock to the famous Anjuna market where you can look at the fabrics, spices, and clothes. As this feature says, it’s a chaotic world of colours and crowds that you will remember forever. You can both soak up the atmosphere and buy some trinkets which you take home to remember the trip!

Rent out a houseboat on Chapora river

For something unique that you and your hubby will remember forever, you should consider renting out a houseboat on the Chapora river in Goa. It is perfect for a couple of days as they have all the facilities you need while you float around the area. You can both enjoy the lovely scenery, and it’s perfect for some romantic alone time!

Go sightseeing around the amazing old churches

Sightseeing can be romantic! You are getting to experience amazing new things for the first time as a couple. Therefore, look into going on a tour around some beautiful old churches in Goa. For example, there is the Basilica of Bom-Jesus which has been standing since the 16th century. And the cathedral in Goa has an astonishing 15 altars which will make for incredible viewing.

And remember that there are some great clubs and beach parties in Goa. So if you and your other half love partying, you can head to one of the fabulous beach parties!

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