January 19, 2018

Dogs On Vacation? The Pawfect Break Away For You Both

Do you ever feel really guilty when you leave your dog at the boarding kennels for a week? And doesn’t it somehow feel a hundred times worse when you pick him up, and he ignores you for a full day as punishment? Vacations are about relaxing and relinquishing all the stress that’s built up. It’s not supposed to be the cause of more stress and worry because you had to leave your four-legged companion behind. So why not take pups on vacation with you?


The first thing you need to consider when you’re traveling with your pet is the overnight accommodation. Most hotels are not pet-friendly. Of course, many private rentals are fine with your bringing your pooch. You can find everything from city center apartments to beach house rentals that will gladly welcome your dog when you come to stay. Alternatives might include camping where you can bring your RV or tent. Some boat hires are pet-friendly too.

Fun in the water for you both? Picture source


The longer the distance you have to travel in the car, the tougher the ride is for your four-legged bestie. Plenty of breaks are required, and there should be plenty of water available. Make sure there is shade from the sun under the glass. If you don’t have climate control in your car, check the temperature in the back every so often. Finally, make stops where there is a safe area for your dog to run around and stretch his legs thoroughly. You might need to research and plan for this in advance.


Of course, city breaks are rarely ideal for the active pup. Instead, consider vacations where there are plenty of landscapes you can both explore. Long walks and hikes are perfect. Beaches are lots of fun. Woodland is great, but be aware of restricted areas where dogs are not welcome. This often includes areas of national parks. If your dog loves boats, why not try kayaking with him? There are harnesses and safety equipment designed for canines if you do take to the water.

Don’t leave your dog behind when you take a vacation. Picture source


There might be one or two occasions when you fancy a meal out at a restaurant while you’re on vacation. After all, you want a break from the kitchen sink and the hob, right? Leaving your dog behind in a strange place while you go out for a meal can cause a lot of worry for you both. It might be best to avoid doing this on the first night in your temporary accommodation.


Flying with your pet can be quite traumatic, especially if they’re confined to a crate cargo hold. Some airlines do permit smaller breeds to travel in the passenger cabin for short flights. Check what your options are. Of course, a cruise ship is likely to be more welcoming, but again this must be checked and booked accordingly. If you’re flying overseas, you must notify the other country that you intend to bring a pet with you. Some demand certain vaccinations. Others will not permit canine entry without a period of quarantine. Would you take your canine on vacation?

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