January 23, 2018

Going Travelling? Make Sure to Take Your Favourite Movies and Shows with You

When you decide to up sticks and leave boring old England behind in search of a travelling adventure in somewhere like Canada, you’d take with you the usual things you’d expect to be taken to ‘The Great White North’: thick coats for the climate with plenty of thermal underwear to match, a snowboard for the mountains, boots for hiking, but not your friend’s Netflix details. All of a sudden, you find that you’ve now been gone for eight months (and managed to avoid paying your friend for using their account for eight whole months) and begin to wonder why you ever doubted bringing the details and your device to stream them on with you.


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At first you thought: ‘why do I need a movie streaming service when I will have all those fun (and cold) things to do on my doorstep?’ but then you remembered that just because you’ve moving, doesn’t mean you’re having a personality transplant. You’ve always been a movie buff (and a bit of cheapskate), and why should that change just because you will no longer be living in Blighty? As you packed your thermal undies, you saw your laptop lying on your desktop wondering if it was too being packed, and think about how comforting it would be to be able to watch your favourite movies and TV shows in a place that is so far from the place you’ve called home since you were a child. This is where you come to the conclusion that streaming services are in fact perfect for when you go travelling.

Now, you know there will be a lot of your fellow travellers who disagree with you as it might not make everybody’s ultimate travel packing checklist because it doesn’t enhance your appreciation of where you are or the new culture you’re supposed to be immersing yourself in. When you finally meet them, they tell you travelling is for travelling: it’s for sight-seeing, trying new things, meeting new people. You wholeheartedly agree with them; it’s no good spending all your time indoors, glued in front of a computer/laptop/phone screen; you need to try these experiences of the great outdoors, especially when you’re traveling in a beautiful country such as Canada. But what happens in your downtime? What happens when you’re lying in bed at night and can’t sleep because of the bear that’s growling outside your window? You tell the naysayers that you pull out your device, press a few buttons, and before you know it you’re three episodes into that show you’ve been meaning to binge watch. And then, after about five episodes, you’re finally tired enough to sleep and get rested for that big day of exploring you have tomorrow.


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There are other top benefits from using streaming services as well, such as cost savings and exclusive content. And now you’ve established to your new friends for life that streaming is essential, the fact that streaming services are so mobile and so easily accessible, meaning that they can be taken anywhere, wherever you go in the world, can be lauded at by all (and you can take some of those plaudits for introducing them to all to it). ‘Why carry a bag full of DVDs around when you can carry an extensive array of titles on your streaming device?’ you say through a smug grin whilst everyone signs up to a streaming service. ‘And there’s also a whole host of services to choose from as well’ you say again as your smug grin refuses to go away: you can get ShowBox App from this site.

So if you’re a keen traveller, make sure to pick the streaming service that’s right for you when you’re halfway across the world, and make sure to tell all your fellow travellers how useful and downright brilliant it is. But please, try to keep up the payments to your friend if you’re using their account!

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