February 19, 2018

Holiday Hacks To Try

Before you just jump right into booking a holiday, read this article first. There’s money to be saved, and bargains to be found throughout the whole booking and holiday process. People are so quick to book the first holiday they see without shopping around for deals or reading advice. This is why we’re here to change your view point. You should always be looking to save money no matter what you’re doing in life. Holidays only come around once or twice a year. So when they do, this is what you need to be doing to save yourself some money and hassle.

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Credit Cards

Before you jump to conclusions, we’re not telling you to put the whole holiday onto a credit card. This could be done if you know you’re going to pay it all back on time, but there are even better ways to use a credit card for your holiday. Have you ever heard of air miles? There are some credit cards out there called reward cards. For every bit of money you spend on the card, you’ll contribute to air miles. You can then use these air miles to pay for some, or even all of your flight. Think of the money you could do with that! The best airline rewards credit card would be one that also doesn’t charge you a fortune in interest rates on the things you do spend on the card. Always remember to be responsible and not get carried away with a credit card. The last thing you need is to be going into debt whilst also trying to buy a holiday. If you do use the card to buy the whole thing, set up a payment plan so you know what you need to pay back each month.

Online Shopping

Going into a travel agents to book a holiday is all well and good, but a lot of the time you’re going to be paying through the nose when there are better deals to be found. There are some sites that offer a secret service. So you’ll pay for an unknown holiday at a fraction of the price. All you have to do is turn up to the airport and they’ll reveal where you’re traveling to. The unknown element is what reduces the price for you. Imagine how exciting that would be! If you don’t like the surprise, there are still websites that do discounted holidays. You should definitely look at doing your online shopping through here as well.

Book Separately

Everyone always jumps to package holidays when it comes to sorting out the booking fiasco. But did you know that if you book everything separately it can often save you a lot of money. It is the package element that bulks up the price. Again, you’ll be able to compare which one is cheaper through doing internet searches. Just don’t be lured into a package holiday either on the web, or in a travel agents just because it is easier.

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