February 18, 2018

Luxury Travel And Kids Can Mix

When it comes to booking a holiday, many parents steer clear of luxury breaks. The popular opinion is that children and luxury travel don’t mix, with many families avoiding traveling in class.

However, that doesn’t have to be the case. Despite what you might have heard, kids and luxury travel can go well together. Have you ever noticed how those with a celebrity cashflow often take their kids on luxury holidays? Scroll through Instagram, and you’ll see at least one celebrity parent who’s sunning herself in luxury with her little ones by her side. As long as you select the right place, children and luxury travel shouldn’t be an issue.


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For us adults, luxury holidays can be a welcome chance to relax and unwind, but what about the kids? Do luxury trips and kids really mesh well together?

Pick the perfect location

As with any holiday, if you want success you need to pick the perfect place. With luxury trips, this rule is even more important. As if you want to feel comfortable with the kids in tow, you need to pick the perfect place. If celebrities can take their children to luxury resorts and have a fantastic time, there’s no reason you can’t as well. The enjoyability of your trip all falls on choosing the perfect place. Get where you stay right, and you’ll have the most fabulous time.

You don’t want to go somewhere where you’ll feel judged for bringing your kids or to a place where they can’t do anything. When it comes to picking the perfect resort, it’s about striking the right balance. You want to choose somewhere that’s child-friendly, as well as luxurious and relaxing.

Be choosy about where you stay

Once you’ve picked the perfect resort, the next step is to select the ideal hotel. This is most probably the most important part of ensuring that your trip is a success. To have a fantastic trip, a hotel isn’t the only accommodation option worth considering. If your little ones like to run about, how about renting a luxury villa or holiday cottage?

Travellers who like to see the world in style, and also happen to be parents, swear by doing the following things. Use TripAdvisor to find accommodation in your chosen area and look at reviews from other parents. Look at photos and use descriptions to find the most suitable places. The key is to book a hotel that’s chic and classy but not easily breakable. So that you don’t have to worry about your kids running around or touching things.

Know where you should and shouldn’t eat

While most places are welcoming to kids, you’ll find that after a certain time, some restaurants are reserved for adults. Or, if they’re not, require your children to be quiet and incredibly well behaved. If you know that your little ones won’t be able to do this, it’s best to eat earlier or choose a more family-friendly place. You can still dine in luxury with kids; it’s just a case of being choosy about where and when you eat.

Look in the celebrity magazines, and you’ll see various photos of celebs and their kids on holiday in luxury destinations. It might be a case of being a little more picky about where you go, but luxury travel and children can easily mix.

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