January 23, 2018

Surge in People Visiting the US for Summer Vacations



The school holidays have arrived, and it seems as though one place in particular will see the bulk of the tourism trade. With so much worry and unrest around the world, many travellers are making their way over to some of the safer states in America. As opposed to their usual European destinations. The surge in people visiting the US for summer vacations is sure to have a positive impact on the economy. But, why is it happening? We investigate.

Terror Threats

With the increased terror threats around the world, it seems as though many people are looking for alternatives to their usual holiday destinations. Some of the countries that have been worst hit include Turkey, Egypt, France and Tunisia. Travel advice from various governments has stipulated that many parts of these countries are now not safe to go to. Especially since the recent attacks in Tunisia. These are normally some of the most popular tourist destinations, particularly for those in Europe. Due to these worrying news reports and attacks, many people are now looking for somewhere else to go.

Cheaper Flights

America has long been a popular tourist destination, yet it was once too expensive for most people to afford. Recently, prices of flights have come down by a substantial amount. Budget airlines from around Europe have begun expanding their services, to places like New York. This has opened up the country to more travellers from around the world. What used to be a bank-busting holiday, is now becoming more budget friendly. People who won’t previously able to afford to visit America, are now finding it more of a viable option. Meaning they’ll soon give up on their cheap European vacations altogether.

US Destinations

While America has had terror threats of its own, there are some destinations many people still deem as safe. Tourists are avoiding some of the bigger cities, such as New York and Florida. Instead, opting for the smaller and lesser known resorts. Ocean City has become a popular vacation resort for tourists from across the water. Although it has always been a favorite for those already living in the US. Many travellers realize that they can experience much of America without feeling under threat. From some of the constant worries in the world.

The Benefits for America

With the surge of people visiting America for their summer travels, there are bound to be some advantages. It’s likely that the economy will get a much-needed boost from the tourism industry. These profits can then be put back into projects, such as the New York Airport renovations. Therefore continuing to expand their tourism offerings. This will also mean more job opportunities in and around popular tourist destinations. Something that the US could really do with as it stands. Overall, there are likely to be dozens of excellent benefits for the country if their tourism industry continues to grow.

Now we’ve looked at the reasons in further detail; it seems clear as to why more people are visiting The States. Cheaper flights, a range of destinations, and less worry about terror threats. The US tourism industry will be hoping this surge continues.

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