February 18, 2018

Why Now Is The Time To Take An African Wildlife Holiday

It seems that the popularity of Wildlife experience holidays will continue. This is despite the recent news of Cecil the lion’s death. It is important for tourists to visit the natural habitats of these beautiful animals. It helps to ensure their survival. Some tourists attend to hunt, which isn’t illegal. But it is the illegal poachers that are pushing some species into extinction.

Without the spend of tourists visiting these areas, the land and the protected animals within it, can no longer be cared for. The tourist trade is important for bringing cash into this important conservation work. This includes the hunting tourist. Without allowing for a small percentage of hunting licences, poaching could become prevalent.

Holidaymakers vacation on safari to see lions and elephants in their natural habitat. The experience is something that will stay with them forever. They can see the very wildest of nature in landscapes that can’t be found back home. For most tourists, their safari will be the holiday of a lifetime.


This image is sourced from David Berkowitz on Flickr.com

The wildlife of Africa is so varied and rich in its number of species. Holidaying here remains popular. Most people come here to see those favourite animals they have been fond of since childhood. Their spend on the tour ploughs money back into the conservation of the animals. It seems to be a win-win for everyone involved.

There are many organised tours available as well. Some operators will bespoke your itinerary for you if required. You can be taken to the best vantage points to view the wildlife. You can also find out a great deal of information about the animals and their conservation. There is plenty to be learned about the local culture too.

If you are looking for an African holiday this year, you won’t be disappointed. It is an exciting time to enjoy a safari. More and more people are looking for the ultimate wildlife experience here. You can book a vacation with a respected tour operator and enjoy a holiday of a lifetime.

Of course, there are many reasons to visit Africa for a holiday of a lifetime. It’s a big continent to explore, which may be why many people choose to visit again and again. There are more landscapes to explore than the African plains. You can scale mountains, raft down rivers, sunbathe on beaches and venture the rainforest. Such a diverse place can offer a wealth of wonderful holiday opportunities. And, of course, each of them delivers unique and wonderful wildlife spotting opportunities too.

There are some places in Africa that are quite remote or pose some dangers you may not be aware of. Booking through a reputable tour operator means that you are protected. You will be accompanied on your tour by professional people. They will have an excellent local knowledge to ensure your holiday runs smoothly and safely.

You may need to have some immunisations before you travel. It is worth checking your Government’s travel advice before booking. Africa can be very hot too, so be sure to pack a hat and sunscreen. And definitely, don’t forget your camera!

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