February 18, 2018

Ridge residents pleased with outcome of meeting

People living near Colebrook Road came away from another meeting with Surrey’s Mayor full of confidence crime issues will be addressed.

Bob Campbell with the Panorama Ridge Ratepayers Association says Dianne Watts agreed to utilize all city resources to target problem homes.

Campbell says those include derelict homes, or homes run by slum landlords, or are just firetraps, “The one area that we, as a community association, tried to make a point of is, since our first meeting with the Mayor we had seen an increased level of community policing and police presence on the Ridge and one of the tings that we said is that we really hope that is maintained that it is not going to be a temporary phenomena.”

This is the third meeting between the Mayor and people living near Colebrook Road since four bodies were found in a six week span.

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