January 21, 2018

Protest at the B.C. Legislature

Conservationists, forestry workers, and first nations are joining forces today to send a message to political leaders. They plan to form a human circle around the legislature. B.C. environmental activist Ken Wu says the government needs to establish a plan to protect B.C.'s endangered old-growth forests and ensure sustainable forestry jobs in the … [Read more...]

Zendesk U. at Vancouver, B.C.

On Tues, March 26th, Zendesk is hosting a Zen-U event (the college of customer happiness) in Vancouver at the Convention Center. The half-day session will cover best practices for customer service, with topics including... Reporting & analytics Self-service for your customers Triggers, views, automations The event runs 1-5pm, and there will be … [Read more...]

B.C. could cut traffic deaths in half, new SFU study suggests

A new study from Simon Fraser University suggests traffic-related deaths in B.C. could be cut in half. Health scientist Meghan Winters has compared B.C.’s rate to that of other countries, and says this province could eliminate more than 200 traffic deaths per year. She says the fact that some northern European countries have so few traffic … [Read more...]

Home sales drop in B.C., but not enough

Housing prices may have dropped in Vancouver at the end 2012, but that still doesn't mean you can afford to own a home. Even though housing affordability improved, B.C. remains the most expensive province in the country for home ownership, according to a report from RBC Economics Research. It found a sharp drop in home re-sales last year, of nearly … [Read more...]

Culture minister still has nothing for B.C. film industry, despite further talks

After having more “productive” meetings with film industry stakeholders, B.C.'s culture minister admits he still can't give them what they want.  "I believe that we're missing out on some of those benefits that go to the Crown, and that's what I’m trying to help the industry figure out." Speaking on CKNW’s The World … [Read more...]

Gun amnesty to be held in B.C. this June

Police departments across B.C. will hold a gun amnesty in June to prevent firearms them from falling into the wrong hands.   If you have a firearm or ammo you'd like to get rid of, just call your local police detachment and they'll swing by to pick them up. A similar amnesty in 2006 saw more than 3,200 guns turned over, including a … [Read more...]

Seniors’ advocate on the table in B.C.

Health Minister Margaret MacDiarmid has introduced a bill that will lead to the first ever seniors' advocate in Canada. MacDiarmid says the government consulted the public last year after the provincial ombudsman issues a scathing review of seniors' care. "We heard during consultation around the province a number of key areas that people were … [Read more...]

Family of B.C. prisoner murdered by cellmate hopes for government change

The family of a man murdered by his cellmate at a medium-security prison in the Fraser Valley is losing hope serial killers will soon be barred from sharing sleeping quarters. "Now, it's up to the government to follow through." Lawyer Myer Rabin speaks for the mother of Jeremy Phillips. The 33-year old was murdered in 2010 at Agassiz’s … [Read more...]

B.C. home sales down in 2012

The B.C. Real Estate Association has released the figures on home sales for 2012. The association reports about 67,000 home sales  recorded by the Multiple Listing Service last year. That's a drop of about 12 percent compared to 2011. And the annual average price of a home in B-C was just under $ 515,000 -- down 8 percent from last … [Read more...]

Bus company involved in Oregon crash kept ‘satisfactory’ safety rating in B.C.

The Coquitlam bus company involved in a deadly crash in Oregon 10 days ago has a "satisfactory" safety rating in B.C. This, after the U.S. Department of Transportation banned Mi Joo Travel from operating in that country. U.S. officials say Mi Joo had allowed the driver involved in the crash to stay on the road despite having been at the wheel well … [Read more...]