January 18, 2018

Wowing Adult Friends When Entertaining Like An Adult

At some point in our lives, we seem to graduate from solely socializing by having a few drinks with the guys. Instead, we find ourselves being invited to dinner parties. With those invitations comes the dawning realization that one day, you too will have to host one. If that day is fast approaching and you’re unsure what you’re supposed to do, here … [Read more...]

Basic Art World Knowledge for Cultured Dinner Conversation

Picture Source We’ve all been there. We’ve attended a dinner of sorts only to find that the conversation flies over our head. This makes for a dull evening, as you end up feeling left out or overlooked. So, to combat this problem, it’s a good idea to start widening your general knowledge. This will help to prep you for any subject that may arise. … [Read more...]

Thirteen Reasons Why A Netflix Subscription Is Worthwhile

Flickr Image In the modern age, not having Netflix is akin to living on another planet. More than 100 million people currently pay a subscription. But, we can’t all justify spending the $9.99. Perhaps you don’t watch enough television. Or, maybe you’re just not convinced it’s worthwhile. To help you make up your mind, we’re going to look at … [Read more...]

Jackpot! The Only Online Games Worth Your Time

These days, the Internet seems to be saturated with many different online games and puzzles that can be played on laptops, mobile phones, and tablet devices. The majority come with many very attractive prizes, such as huge cash jackpots to impressive prize holidays. Unfortunately, though, most of these games with big prizes are often way too good … [Read more...]

Profiting From Your Favourite Sports

Picture Source We are a nation invested in sport. Not only do we play it ourselves, but we watch it in person or on television, rooting for our favourite teams or individuals. Generally, it is a drain on our disposable income. Something that we spend money on for sheer entertainment. However, what if we were to tell you that you could profit from … [Read more...]

Interesting Physical Hobbies To Take Up In Your Spare Time

Pixabay So you're bored and need a hobby? Whether you have too much spare time on your hands, or you really need a distraction to escape from the dull pressures of life - there are plenty of things out there to do. But what if you want to do something physical, but that doesn't require getting yourself a gym membership? Well, no need to worry, … [Read more...]

How Casual Gaming Can Lead To Extra Earnings

At the end of a long day, some people like to unwind by with some casual online gaming. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could also make money by doing this? Believe it or not, you don’t have to be a professional games tester to earn extra cash from your hobby; a few hours in front of your laptop after work might be enough to pay for your groceries … [Read more...]

4 Ways To Up Your Home Entertainment Game

Part of what makes a home great is how much fun we can have in it! Movie night with a loved one, games night with the kids or a dinner party with a friend. There’s a lot to gain from a home - so let’s see how you can boost your home entertainment game. Put It All Into Movies Movie nights are incredible, but being cramped around a 22-inch TV … [Read more...]

What Makes Employees Fall In Love With The Work Environment?

The famous businesswoman Anne M. Mulcahy likes to say that employees are your business’s greatest asset. As a consequence, entrepreneurs and business owners naturally want to attract and retain their employees and to ensure that they feel like they are an integral part of the business mission. What this means is that the quality of the work … [Read more...]

Can You Feel A Career Change Coming On?

https://www.pexels.com/photo/late-running-work-job-24068/ Sometimes, whether you’ve been in your chosen career for one year or twenty, you can feel as if it’s just not right. Things change, companies change, job roles change, and when they do, you can start to wonder if you might like a change yourself. But, when you start to think that you’re in … [Read more...]