January 21, 2018

Business Must-Haves That Will Save You From Failure

When you run a company, you have to know what the must-haves are. There are certain things you have to get right when running a company. If you can stay mistake-free and get these areas of business right, you will be well-placed to develop a successful company. Image By Pixabay.com The Right Tools for the Job No company can be run well … [Read more...]

Insurance Blocking Your Path To Compensation? Beat Them Back!

(Image Source) You’re in an automotive accident, and it isn’t your fault. You aren’t able to live your life in your normal manner, anymore. This change can be a permanent one or one that lessens over time but never goes away. Under these circumstances, surely some compensation is due? Well, it might be. But, it won’t be the person who caused the … [Read more...]

When Does A Sports Injury Become Neglience?

Sports Injury (1) During the summer, you’ll probably be heading outside to take part in sports events. Whether it’s playing for an amateur side or going professional, negligence is something that is seen as somewhat of a grey area. The very nature of sports means that an injury is entirely possible, but there are times when an injury turns into … [Read more...]

New Bid To Make Factories Safer For Workers

Picture Link Location The rates of fatalities in factories can be anything up to a few hundred each year. That’s insane. Every year, hundreds of people die simply by going into work in the morning. Imagine, how you would feel if each time you stepped into the office your life was being put in danger. It’s clear then that more needs to be done to … [Read more...]

How Will The Outcome Of The US Election Affect The Rest Of The World?

The United States will hold a general election this year that should leave them with a new president. The outcome of that voting process could affect the rest of the world in many different ways. Today, we’re going to take a look at just some of the impacts we might expect to face. Will Donald Trump manage to win the vote and push the country more … [Read more...]

Indiana Increases Cap on Medical Malpractice Payouts

Lawmakers in Indiana have approved a bill to raise a cap on medical malpractice suits. Previously, the maximum anyone could gain from suing for medical malpractice was $1.25 million. The new cap increases the amount to $1.8 million. This allows people to be awarded $550,000 more than before. The cap hasn't been raised since 1999, meaning it has … [Read more...]

Major Issues Affecting Iran’s Economy Today

Iran has one of the most interesting and complex economic systems in the world. That’s because sanctions placed on the nation after their revolution had meant they had to think outside of the box. Thankfully, Iran has a thriving nationalized oil industry that helps to boost growth. It has helped the government to pay for first-class universities … [Read more...]

What the Continued Slowing of UK Wages Means for People

Yesterday, it was revealed that UK wage growth has slowed more than was expected. Here’s what this means for us all. Low Interest Rates There’s been a lot of talk in recent times about when the Bank of England will raise interest rates. But one thing is for certain: it’s not going to be anytime soon. The interest rates have remained at rock … [Read more...]

Big Investment Numbers Expected To Rise In 2016

Flickr Credit Why are analysts predicting more people will be investing this year? First people are already growing concerned that we are close to seeing a repeat of 2008. In 2008, the stock market crashed, and unemployment rates soared in the western world. This was because huge numbers of people were borrowing and buying things they couldn’t … [Read more...]

Legal Crowdfunding Sites Making Civil Suits More Accessible

The internet has changed a lot of things about how people operate. Many of the things that were once conducted offline have now changed. And it's even possible to do a lot of stuff that would have been much harder without the internet. One of the innovations that you can see a lot of is crowdfunding websites. They come in many forms for funding … [Read more...]