February 23, 2018

“Giant Slayer” Is A Costly Flop

One month into its run, Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures are reportedly on track to lose a total of $ 125-140 million over their fractured fairy tale epic “Jack the Giant Slayer”.

The film is on track to finish its box-office run with $ 65 million domestically and around $ 140 million internationally. That’s not enough to cover a production budget near $ 200 million and a global marketing spend north of $ 100 million.

As Legendary financed half of the production budget for Jack, the losses aren’t as bad as it could have been for either company. Certainly not the kind of damage that last year’s expensive Spring flops – Disney’s “John Carter” and Universal’s “Battleship” – were for their studios.

Both also aren’t short of cash these days. The $ 1 billion success of the first “The Hobbit” film along with more financially promising upcoming films such as “Man of Steel,” “The Hangover Part III” and “300: Rise of an Empire” mean the losses on ‘Jack’ won’t have much of an impact.

Source: THR

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