February 18, 2018

OPCC: Abby cop lied about use of force against alleged shoplifter

The office of B.C.’s police complaint commissioner has found that an Abbotsford officer lied about what happened during an arrest four years ago in which he assaulted an alleged shoplifter.

Constable Adam Page responded to a report of shoplifting at a drugstore in September 2009.

Video shows Page handcuffing the suspect, putting him into an arm and headlock and pushing him hard enough against a wall so as to put a hole in it.

Page stated both in writing and during interviews he had actually tripped and knocked himself and the suspect against the wall.

At the start of the commissioner’s public hearing into the allegations, Page did plead guilty to assault, for which he got one year of probation, but still denied he had lied about what happened.

An adjudicator has found video clearly contradicts Page’s account, which he says “intended to mislead others so that they would believe his use of force was justified.”

The parties have been asked to make submissions about discipline.

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