February 25, 2018

OPCC: Abby cop lied about use of force against alleged shoplifter

The office of B.C.’s police complaint commissioner has found that an Abbotsford officer lied about what happened during an arrest four years ago in which he assaulted an alleged shoplifter. Constable Adam Page responded to a report of shoplifting at a drugstore in September 2009. Video shows Page handcuffing the suspect, putting him into an … [Read more...]

RCMP search home connected to blog critical of force

The RCMP have executed a search warrant at a home belonging to someone connected to a blog criticizing the force. The Re-Sergeance Alliance blog went up earlier this month, calling for change within the RCMP. Over the weekend, someone involved with it had their home searched, and computers seized. But in an email to CKNW,  the RCMP denies that … [Read more...]

Vancouver fires force 14 from homes

A busy 11 hours for the Vancouver Fire Department. Between 3:40 p.m. and 2:15 a.m., firefighters were called to no fewer than five fires. "We feel that all the fires are unrelated in nature,” says fire captain Gabe Roder. “The first couple were residential fires in the east part of town. One was caused by a plumber and the other was … [Read more...]

The province moves to force accident victims to submit to blood tests.

Emergency workers are applauding a new provincial bill that will give them the power to demand blood tests from accident victims.  Labour Minister Margaret MacDiarmid says first responders are sometimes exposed to bodily fluids from accident victims and while most are willing to go through a blood test, some are not.  She said "this would … [Read more...]

BC immigration task force begins

An immigration task force promised by the Premier to look at ways to streamline the immigration of skilled workers has begun.  Richmond-Steveston MLA John Yap says they met with business,community, and organization leaders in Prince George to hear suggestions.   He says they will move to Ft. St. John next as they look at ways to … [Read more...]

New co-chair named to mayor’s task force on housing affordability

A former Liberal cabinet minister is going to help Vancouver's mayor figure out how to make housing more affordable. Gregor Robertson has named Olga Ilich to co-chair the mayor's task force on housing affordability. Robertson says she brings a valuable background in real estate development and what he calls a 'thoughtful, pragmatic approach' as a … [Read more...]

A petition on US White House website will force Obama administration response to Marc Emery case

Imprisoned BC marijuana activist Marc Emery has caught the attention of the White House and Emery is now waiting for a response from the US president himself.  Under a brand-new, little-known program, a petition system was started on the White House's website to address issues Americans care about.  Get enough signatures and the … [Read more...]

B.C. must explore feasibility of police force: Cummins

British Columbia has no choice but to undertake an exhaustive review on the feasibility of a provincial police force, B.C. Conservative leader John Cummins says. The federal government has issued a November ultimatum to the province and has threatened to pull the RCMP out of B.C. by 2014 if a 20-year contract renewal isn’t signed. While the … [Read more...]

Premier says provincial police force may be cheaper than RCMP

  Premier Christy Clark says it may be cheaper for BC to set up its own provincial police force than to renew the RCMP's contract for the next 20 years. Speaking to municipal politicians who are urging BC and Ottawa to sign a deal, Clark admitted it would be easy to sign on the dotted line, but insists she's holding out for a better deal for … [Read more...]

Women still lag behind men in work force

A new report from the Conference Board of Canada is showing women in this country are still far less likely to hold senior management positions than men. The report says women made up 48-percent of the workforce in 2009, but less than a third of one-percent held a senior management role. That's 26-thousand out of eight million working women in … [Read more...]